Slow days

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It’s been a pretty uneventful couple of days. Yesterday morning we had wanted to take care of a couple things in town, and when we were about to go, it started to rain. We thought we’d wait till the rain stopped since we are on foot (and dinghy), but when 6pm rolled around it was still raining.

This morning the sun greeted us along with a cold breeze. It was wonderful to see blue skies, and the clouds were feathered and beautiful.


We had a some visitors around noon who showed up in kayaks, announcing ‘your home teachers are here.’ They are friends from church that had kayaked over from Sombrero Beach to see Tanda Malaika and visit for a few minutes. Danny broke out the guitars with them and they played some fantastic music together.

FullSizeRender-832    FullSizeRender-829

After they left we took the dinghy to the fuel dock to fill her up, and on the way passed some posts out in the water still standing from an abandoned pier, and perched on top of one of the posts was a beautiful big iguana.


After swimming over to it, he climbed on top to sun himself and looked so relaxed.

The creatures have been so much fun. They make me laugh as they come up with the funniest comments and gestures. They continue to work hard on school work and always get their chores done without needing to be asked. Last night I sat playing Skipbo with them, and found my mind wandering off to the days when they were little, and each year that followed as they progressed and grew into these incredible individuals who I am in awe of. I am so grateful to be a mother.




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