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I have a new goal. Actually it’s not new at all – I’ve had it for years, but now it is renewed and I am NOT going to fail. Back in April of last year when we found out that my Dad had cancer, and then also my brother, my doctor put me on an anti anxiety medication to help me get through the rough months that followed (and continue to follow). One of the side effects from the meds, is weight gain, and in those months I gained 25 lbs. My goal is to lose all that and more, and this last week I bought a scale. This morning when I got on it I was pleasantly surprised with my weight…(But then realized that I was standing on the outside of the box) I think the last time I weighed 124 lbs I was 12 years old.


Yesterday morning we all got ready for church, and took the dinghy in to the dock and on the way going in the opposite direction, was a family going for a relaxing Sunday trip in their house. They were out on their front porch enjoying the fresh morning air.

FullSizeRender-853   FullSizeRender-852


The taxi driver who took us in to church was a young Hawaiian man, who is from the Big Island where we lived. It was fun to talk about places we’d explored and foods we ate that are unique to the island. It felt like we’d run into long lost family. Church services were great as usual, and during them Mycah took care of the cutest little baby boy. Little kids love her, and she does such a beautiful job taking care of them.


We returned to our ever faithful Tanda Malaika, and later in the day I tried a new recipe from Pinterest and made everyone ‘Samoa Truffles’, with caramel, condensed milk, coconut, cookie crumbs and chocolate. They are very rich but quite delicious.


My mom gave us some exciting news this week. She is wrapping up a few things in Idaho and within the next week or two is going to join us for a couple of months. I know this is a sacrifice for her, because it means she will need to leave her sweet companion, Teddy the poodle behind, but he will be in good hands and we will love having her. We have no problem with having him on the boat, but each country has its rules with pets and complicates things. When we head to Bermuda, my sister, Bernadine and her husband Gary, will be visiting too! Fun times ahead and we are so excited.

In the mean time we are continuing to add much needed gadgets (including solar) to Tanda Malaika, as well as working  on the engines. Everything takes so much time – longer than one anticipates. But, we would rather be getting slow work done while living on a boat, than slow work done while living on land. Life is good, and we are so grateful for it.




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