Tools, glorious tools…

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One of my fondest memories from child hood, is being my Dad’s right hand man on projects. When we lived in Cape Town, I remember helping him install our sprinkler system. I helped him carry supplies around the yard, hand him what he needed at different times, and listen to his plan on what we were doing. I’d lie on my belly in the dirt with him and I felt so important. I loved organizing his tools, which he took great care of.

Yesterday, Danny worked for much of the day on the engines, and once again I gladly took my place as his assistant.


After making a few trips back and forth to the tool stash to take him what he needed, I finally carried a couple of his tool bags out to the stern close to where he was, and organized them all. Call me weird, but I LOVE tools. I love arranging them all, finding missing pieces and returning them to their correct spots, and cleaning them up.

FullSizeRender-857   FullSizeRender-855


Whenever I am in a hardware store I love to walk through the tool isles, admiring the beautiful shiny nuts, bolts, screws, nails and other whatchamacallits that are in there. I also love the beautiful colors of handles and neatly packaged stuff. If I had it my way, we’d have an entire berth dedicated to tools, and I’d have them all perfectly arranged like most women’s craft rooms. I love it when Danny asks me to hand him something and I know exactly what he’s talking about and what it’s used for, and better yet, I love to know how to use it. He has also had to learn my language when it comes to tools…like the word, ‘spanner’, which is what we call a ‘wrench’ in South Africa!

Aside from my heavenly time of being his right hand man, I also cleaned in Tanda Malaika and enjoyed time with our amazing creatures.

Since the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny today, we might go explore and try find Sombrero Beach. It’s guaranteed to be an awesome adventure.


One thought on “Tools, glorious tools…

    zoannkeck said:
    February 2, 2016 at 6:28 pm

    Haha, me too. Home depot is my candyland.


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