Day: February 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Sweet Brother

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Yesterday was a ‘get things done around home’ day. We all had our projects and worked hard. One of the things that Danny accomplished was to set up our braai on the stern rail. A BBQ is what we in South Africa call a Braai.


We had credit points built up at West Marine that were going to expire by January 5th, so we used them to purchase it. I’m so excited to have another place on the boat to cook. The next Mahi Mahi that Danny catches will be delicious cooked on that.

Since our nights have been really stuffy and hot, even with the hatches open, Danny set up the wind scoop over our hatch and it works wonderfully. Rather than the air flowing right over the top of our hatch, it is now directed right into our berth and it feels cool once again.

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In the evening we caught a taxi over to the church for a pot luck and game night. I was in charge of the game and prepared some Jeopardy questions, and we all had a really enjoyable time. The best part of the evening was when Danny and our friend, Hal, pulled out their guitars and serenaded us. Danny accompanied on the piano for part of the time and as always, impressed us all.


They continued to play for a couple hours after everyone had gone home, and quite honestly, I could have sat and listened all night. I love and admire Danny’s incredible talent and hearing the two of them together was fantastic.

This morning I got really hot standing over the oven while making a big batch of granola, and to cool off afterward I grabbed my scuba gear and Mycah and I dropped down at the stern to search for a couple things that had fallen off the boat the day before. I taught Mycah a search pattern that we used when I was on the sheriffs body recovery and dive rescue team, and we were successful in finding part of our goods. I’m so proud of Mycah, because she has become such a great diver and has nerves of steel. Visibility was about 2 inches, and when were moved our hands back and forth across the bottom to feel, it became zero. It has never bothered me to dive blind but I know it does bother many people, but Mycah was a champ. When we were done diving the rest of the creatures joined us and we scrubbed Tanda Malaika’s belly, removing all growth. When we climbed up onto the boat, we realized that all of us were covered in krill. Teeny tiny shrimp looking krill were clinging to us, and we hosed them off and sent them back into the ocean for the manatees to enjoy.

For dinner, we enjoyed a good old braai. Danny cooked the meat and did an amazing job, and taught the boys the art of braaiing.

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We had corn on the cob and watermelon with it and felt quite satisfied afterward.

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Had my sweet brother still been alive, today would have been his 48th birthday. He passed away just 4 months ago, and we all miss him so much. Emma decided that she wanted to bake him a birthday cake, and called us all to the salon this evening where we tearfully sang happy birthday to him and ate cake together, I have no doubt he was there with us.