Day: February 13, 2016

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Cockroach update:  After bombing the boat a couple of weeks ago, I knew that we’d killed every last bug(ger)! About 2 days later I saw one emerge from out of no where, and immediately sent it’s little spirit to cockroach heaven. The next day Emma did the same to 2 more, and before long we realized that the bomb was just one big party for the little beasts, which caused them to be more confident and active than ever. I inquired about cockroach elimination on a women’s sailing forum, and was told by several people to use a product called Advion. Danny ordered some and spread the love around the boat, and ever since then we have only seen dead roaches, and a couple very sickly looking ones. I think this stuff has done the trick!


This morning I was baking rolls in the galley, when a fancy boat pulled up along side Tanda Malaika. The people in it were looking up and down at our boat and pulled out a camera to take pictures. We have had several people take pictures of her, but none have ever stayed so close and so long, so I stepped out into the stern salon to greet them with a smile, and noticed a big YAMAHA sign on the side of their boat. I thought perhaps they liked that we had a 25 hp Yamaha engine on the dinghy, but the gentleman driving the boat immediately started to talk in an American accent I had difficulty following. I called to Danny and continued listening to what he had to say, and finally understood that he was from the Yamaha company and want to use Tanda Malaika in a photo shoot on Monday. They will have a model at the stern and another larger tender approach with big Yamaha engines. We told them they are more than welcome to do so, and felt proud of our pretty lady and all the hard work we have done on her. We will make sure she looks squeaky clean for the shoot.

We met up with our friends from church at Sombrero Beach again.

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We brought hot dogs to roast and the rolls I baked, as well as this crazy flavor of chips. They were not our favorite flavor by any means, but we have certainly tasted worse. I think I’d pick the jerked chicken flavor from the other day over these though!


The creatures played Frisbee and then we pulled them around behind the dinghy. Mycah became airborne a couple of times but managed to stay on the tube. Toward the end of her ride she was daring and rode with her hands in the air. We all had a blast.

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We stood out on the beach and watched the beautiful sunset, and once again I felt immense gratitude for family, for love, and for Eternal bonds that hold us all together.

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