Fun weekend

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Update on my bruising from colliding with the dock: I’m really quite proud of this bruise…the color is fading but is still fantastic!


We’ve had an action packed weekend, and have spent every minute of it together as a family. Everything from beach time, the twin skateboarding down a cool hill they found, to a valentines party at the church, and finally church today followed by a meal together.

Mycah took some fun photos of Aidan and Emma skating on their long boards.

IMG_4548     IMG_4549

Emma got a bit nervous when she started gaining too much speed…can you tell by the look on her face??

IMG_4542  IMG_4546


For Aidan, the faster the better!

IMG_4547   IMG_4544

At the valentines party we played some games. Danny and I were contestants in the ‘Newly Wed’ game and he knew the correct answer for every question asked about me. He also had to read me a poem in a romantic way, and got down on one knee, gave me flowers, placed his hand on his heart and read the poem. What a guy!

The creatures had to feed each other donuts on a string without using their hands while eat. Jonathan won by taking the entire doughnut into his mouth in one big gulp.

FullSizeRender-942  FullSizeRender-940

Today when we shared our meal together I baked pink dinner rolls since it’s Valentines.

FullSizeRender-943    FullSizeRender-938

I am so in love with my Valentine. Danny is the absolute most wonderful companion ever created and I am so grateful to be his wife. I hope that one day I can be as compassionate, loving, thoughtful, and filled with empathy and charity as he is. He is my hero. My sweet Darling. I love spending every day with him.



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