Exciting times

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As always, life on Tanda Malaika has been fun and exciting. The Yamaha company came and used our floating home for their photo shoot. They were here for over an hour while we stayed inside and out of sight.

FullSizeRender-946   FullSizeRender-945

Our sweet friends, the Hartzells, came over for dinner for their last meal in Marathon. We love them dearly and will miss them, but are excited for them to see their family again. The guitars were once again brought out and we listened to beautiful music for a while. I’m sure many people in the marina could hear  and enjoyed it too. Danny and Hal played music from The Beatles, Niel Diamond, The Eagles, Beach Boys and lots more.

IMG_4565  IMG_4564  IMG_4566

This morning some people came over that we met at church on Sunday. They wanted to see the boat and talk about what life is like living on a boat full time. Denise and Theodore had a good time walking around Tanda Malaika and learning about how things run.


We enjoyed sitting and chatting with them for a while, and watched a beautiful storm blow in. When the rain stopped Emma taxied them back to the dock.

FullSizeRender-947    FullSizeRender-950

Her and I caught a ride with them to the Post Office to mail off the title for Time Out. Jude’s beautiful Catalina has finally sold. It’s a bitter sweet thing because we love Time Out and have had so much fun sailing her. We also stopped by Home Depot to buy some dowels, because I am going to make a Biltong Box  (South African jerky), so that we can make some on the boat.

Once we returned, I found Danny in the forward lazarette where the generator is, and he was changing oil and filters.

FullSizeRender-948   IMG_4581


He realized he was short on filters, so Mycah and I went into town and hit a couple different parts stores to find the correct filters. Danny does such a wonderful job at keeping everything running in tip top shape. Our taxi driver told us a couple funny stories. He asked if we heard about the drama with the homeless man last night. When we told him we hadn’t, he said that a homeless man stole a backhoe, drove it to 7 mile bridge and started moving huge boulders with the bucket on it and lay them across the road and blocked off 7 mile bridge. The police whisked him away. He also said that there is a homeless man that comes to Marathon every year for the entire summer. He is a medical doctor in Miami, and spends every summer as a bum. What interesting characters!

We are so excited because on Friday, Jude and my Mom will be arriving. It will be wonderful to have Jude home, and so fun to have my Mom. She will stay for a couple months. On the 28th, my sister and her husband, Gary, will also arrive, and sail with us to the Bahamas. We are in for some really fun times with them all. We are waiting for one more package to arrive till we can sail up to where we’ll be hauling the boat out to replace sail drive seals, and although Marathon has been a wonderful place to visit and get things done, we are so excited to raise the sails and feel Tanda Malaika move out over the water.



2 thoughts on “Exciting times

    zoannkeck said:
    February 18, 2016 at 2:42 pm

    Wish i was going to be there with all of yall. Love my SO family

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      belindagovatos responded:
      February 20, 2016 at 1:27 am

      We wish you were too! We love you all so so much.


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