Marathon to Key Largo

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Last night the Smith Family joined us on Tanda Malaika. They have 4 beautiful little children who were very excited to be on board. Everyone got to bed at a reasonable hour, knowing that 4:30am would come quickly. I tossed and turned all night and at about 3:45am finally fell asleep – just to wake up to the alarm 45 minutes later. The 4 little creatures were fast asleep in the big bed that is made by lowering the main salon table.


Danny worked on a few things on the boat, including the starboard engine, and just as the sunrise showed its beautiful self, we motored out of Marathon Marina.


We rounded the corner to head out to the deep blue water and breathed in the coolness of the new day.


As the morning evolved and people slowly woke up and came topside, we quickly saw that my Mom and our guest, Nichole, were very seasick. My poor Mom looked so green, so I medicated her which knocked her out, and she fell asleep for several hours.


When she awoke she was a new woman and no longer felt sick. We passed a gorgeous reef named Alligator Reef, where there was a lighthouse surrounded by a stunning shade of turquoise blue water.

DSC_0006-18   DSC_0004-17

The midget creatures danced on the trampoline and others fell asleep draped over Jude and Mycah. We spotted a couple of giant turtles, who quickly turned and dove down deep as we sailed by. It was fun to watch Jude and Mycah relaxing on the sugar scoop steps while we were underway.

DSC_0005-16   DSC_0003-20

After about 10 1/2 hours we finally pulled into Key Largo and dropped anchor.


Emma and Danny took the Smith family in the dinghy to land close to where their car was parked, while I made a big taco salad for dinner. When they returned we all sat at the stern salon and ate our full.


Danny and I took the dinghy out after dinner to find where we need to take Tanda Malaika tomorrow for haul out. I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous for it. Our poor girl sits so comfy in the water and she is so big, I just don’t want her to be damaged.


I am so tired, and am going to hit the sack early tonight. It’s been a good day, and I am grateful to be moving along. Being out in the open water felt so good!




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