Tanda Malaika, the fishing boat

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Last night we set sail for The Berry Islands. I set 3 fishing lines, and within the first hour, Danny reeled in a huge Barracuda with big gnarly sharp teeth. None of us had ever eaten Barracuda and we weren’t even sure if it was safe to eat so while the reeling in was taking place, Bernadine googled it and sure enough, they are edible.

DSC_0047-6      DSC_0052-6


After a while, we heard the whiz of the fishing line, and this time I took the rod (which almost pulled me in), and began to reel it in. The fish put up quite a fight, and I found myself doing what I’ve seen Danny do several times, leaning back and pulling, then allowing the rod to lean forward to ease up on the line. Back and forth, this motion became the rhythm of the battle between Belinda and the Barracuda. Finally, we could see the large silver body of the fighting Barracuda as it neared the stern, and the fight continued all the way till Jonathan was able to grab the leader, scoop it’s tail into the net and bring it on deck. I sat down with aching muscles and a big smile on my face.


Before long Emma reeled in a Tuna that we decided to set free because of its size.


Jude reeling in a Perch which is also in the freezer.

DSC_0086   DSC_0089-5

Gary finished the day off by catching another large Barracuda.

DSC_0090-5    DSC_0093

For dinner we ate grilled Barracuda, couscous and veggies, and really enjoyed the taste of the Barracuda. The meat was a dense white meat which tasted much like Halibut.

After sleeping on anchor for the night in the middle of nowhere, we continued on this morning toward the Berry Islands, and over the course of the morning caught 5 more fish. Aidan pulled in what we think we have identified as a a Cero.

DSC_0095    DSC_0104

Danny, Jude, Emma and Jonathan each caught more Barracuda.

DSC_0119    DSC_0137    DSC_0158

The freezer is well stocked with about 100lbs of fish and we’ll be eating like kings for quite some time. This evening I cooked Aidan’s fish and served it with Balsamic Rosemary Glaze, and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.


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