Petit Cay

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We anchored at Petit Cay in the Berry Islands, and once again found ourselves nestled among breathtaking beauty. Limestone and Sandstone outcroppings, bright white powdery fine sand and the colors of blue that seem photoshopped.

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The morning was cool and breezy, and Tanda Malaika softly bobbed on the waves. We lowered the dinghy and motored toward the long stretch of white sandy beach that sprawled across the horizon. Various homes in soft yellows, blues and white were perfectly spaced giving them full view of the beautiful clear water. About 20 yards from short it became too shallow for the prop so Jonathan and Mycah jumped out and pulled us in. The sand was bright white and finer than any other I’ve ever seen. An inlet called Shark Creek, flowed west from the bay and disappeared through the mangroves.

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We walked the beach, stopping periodically to admire shells and seaweed. The creatures disappeared into the woods chatting about Sasquatch adventures, and Mommy grabbed a stick and began sorting through mounds of dried grasses, seaweed and sand. She knelt down and picking up tiny hidden shells and other treasures and I smiled, loving how sweet and at peace she looked.

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I walked into the trees when the creatures called, and found them lying on the soft bed of needles, asking if they could sleep there for the night. The girls looked so beautiful all curled up together and I was filled with gratitude for not only the love I feel for and from them, but for the love they feel for each other. What incredibly tight bonds they have.


Eventually dark clouds filled the sky from the south and appeared to be moving toward us in a hurry, and periodically I’d feel a cool drop on my skin. The tide had come in enough at this point that we only had to drag the dinghy out a short ways before being able to lower the engine and motor back home.

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4 thoughts on “Petit Cay

    zoannkeck said:
    March 9, 2016 at 5:13 am

    Okay the kecks want a shout out written on sand! !!

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    linda govatos said:
    March 9, 2016 at 5:18 am

    So beautiful…how will your family ever go back to life in Idaho? I think you’ve spoiled them!

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