Day: March 10, 2016


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Our next passage brought us to Nassau, the Capital of the Bahamas. The city is large with a population of close to 250 000, and the locals speak with an accent much like Jamaican.

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Our crew are doing so well with seasickness – even though we’ve had some rough water. Mommy has sat and taught Mycah to crochet, and she’s given the boys haircuts.

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Bernadine and Emma have sorted through their piles of beautiful shells they’ve collected. School work is done and naps have been taken. Danny took this adorable shot of Jude and Emma all snuggled up together.

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We are docked here in Nassau at a particular marina we’d researched because when staying here it gives all 10 of us free access to Atlantis, a huge resort with a water park, aquariums, zoo and botanical gardens. Since it’s Jonathan’s birthday, we figured it’d be a fun treat for him and everyone to enjoy together. The water park is huge with many pools, water slides, lazy river, beach areas etc,  all in the Atlantis theme. Giant seahorses, dolphins and bill fish are on the sides and tops of buildings and water slides empty into pools of sharks.

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Danny and I were like a couple of kids and hurried from one slide to the next. My Mom had a blast rushing down the slides as well, and Bernadine and Gary spent quite a while on the lazy river. The creatures spent hours sliding, swimming and exploring. Large tunnels with artifact replicas and huge aquariums have been fun to explore too. My Mom fell in love with the fish.

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Bernadine, Gary and I went grocery shopping and were amazed at the crazy prices of food. Apples are $1.69 a piece. Peanut butter $9.96 a jar. Cold meat for sandwiches is sold by the roll! It’s a good thing we provisioned well before leaving for the Bahamas.

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Today we hope to hit the Straw Market, where locals come together and sell things they have made. After Nassau, we will most likely hit the Andros Islands.


Little Harbor Cay

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We continued on down the Berry Island chain, and came to an interesting area called Little Harbor Cay. The ‘harbor’ itself is nestled in-between numerous little islands, and to get to it you have to meander through at high tide – and even then it’s pretty risky. With our short 4 1/2ft draft we even ended up touching bottom at low tide when we were at anchor. A big African American man named Chester Darville, came on the radio and directed us…”keep the large rock about 30ft off your port side, then take a sharp turn to port…” it went on for about 20 minutes. Danny is a most excellent Captain, and got us in safely.


After dropping anchor in 5ft of water, we looked up to where Chester had been radioing from, and saw his little homestead which consisted of several small buildings. One particular building is a restaurant named “Flo’s”, after his mother, Florence. Aside from burgers, they serve conch fritters, pan fried conch and his famous rum punch. Their yard is littered with ducks, chickens and roosters, and in the mornings we were woken to the roosters crowing (not something you hear on a sailboat very often.)


At the dock, Chester prepares the fish and conch for his daughter, Lovely, to cook, and then throws the remains into the water below.


Four Lemon sharks were waiting ready for the easy meal, and each came in quickly when they heard the splash. I placed my foot in the water and splashed the waters surface, and one of them came over to investigate.

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My Mom and I lowered a paddle board and with her kneeling in the front and me in the back, I paddled us over to get closer to the sharks, but they were a bit unsure of the paddle board.

On Chester’s property there are massive piles of conch shells from over 100 years of conching, and beautiful flowering cactus. My Mom fell in love with some tiny purple flowers that covered the ground in whispy stalks.

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We went for a walk, and Aidan and his Ouma explored the trail together.


Little Harbor Cay provided us calm waters and wonderful shelter, as well a a beautiful setting to soak in. I will never tire of the blueness of the water here in the Bahamas.

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