Rose Island

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We enjoyed our time in Nassau, but missed the tranquility of quiet islands and turquoise waters, so we set out to explore the the many little islands close by. We passed by a quaint little island with a beautifully painted home that was built to resemble a light house.


Many reefs and shallow sandy areas lay ahead, so everyone sat at the bow watching for things that might not be on the navigation charts. It felt to good to feel the wind on my face and hear the water moving under Tanda Malaika. Periodically we could see the dark forms of spotted eagle ray moving in the water around us.

DSC_0060-8   DSC_0061-7

We came to a beautiful island called Rose Island, where a white sand beach stretched long and wide and off to each end of it beautiful sandstone outcroppings lay in a bold picturesque manner. The water was bright clear turquoise and looked so cool and inviting.

DSC_0064-5   DSC_0068-6

The clarity of the water makes it easy to anchor, because we can easily see to drop it on sand and avoid damaging coral heads. Even after letting out 50 or 75ft of anchor chain, we can still see it clearly laid out ahead of us through the transparent turquoise. We haven’t fished for a while because our freezer was so full from the 10 we caught, and I haven’t wanted to catch another darn Barracuda. There were 3 men that worked at the marina in Nassau that were there to catch our dock lines when we arrived, and we gave each of them a filleted Barracuda as a thank you. They were thrilled.

We took the dinghy in to shore to explore the beach, and  my Mom immediately began collecting shells and rinsing them off in the water. She is going to need an extra bag to take them all home!

DSC_0074-7   DSC_0075-6

DSC_0078-7   DSC_0077-6

DSC_0080-3   DSC_0071-7

Bernadine, Gary, Mommy and Jonathan will be returning to the US on Tuesday. Jonathan has decided that he wants to serve a mission for our church and wants to work to make some money to prepare for it, as well as take some classes that would help him prepare. So, he will be staying with my sister and we’ll continue to work with him and help him finish his last few home school classes so he can graduate and then head out on his mission. It has been wonderful having everyone visit us, and we are going to miss Jonathan so much. The Tanda Malaika crew will be down to 6!






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