Day: March 30, 2016

Life is good

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We have not had wifi or cell service for 10 days. Now that we have it, I received over 300 emails as well as numerous texts, and some of them were from you, our sweet friends who were making sure we are okay. Thank you so much for your love, support and concern.

After we said our goodbyes to our sweet family that were visiting, as well as to Jonathan, we left Nassau and continued on. Five massive cruise ships had arrived that morning and made Tanda Malaika look like a toy boat.


Our adventures have continued to be so amazing. We have seen so much goodness and beauty. Nature in its own raw beauty, without the artificial layers that mankind places on it, is simply exquisite. It all makes sense, is simple and is breathtakingly beautiful.

We have also met people who are so filled with love and peace. People who enjoy the adventures of living frugally off the land and who try hard to leave as small a carbon foot print as possible. People who love and laugh openly and who are not afraid to give their all and open their lives and talents to those around them. We have made some wonderful friends who share the same passions that we do and we know we will be rubbing shoulders with them for the rest of our lives.

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More importantly, we have spent all day every day together as a family. We miss our children that are not with us but are so grateful for the time we are having with the ones present. We laugh a lot, talk a lot and explore a lot. We eat every meal together, pray together and discover beautiful things together, and are constantly filled with deep humility and gratitude for this experience, and never tire of it.

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Even though by now we have seen 1000’s of flying fish, every time a school takes flight, skimming the waters surface for several hundred feet, we point them out to each other and watch in amazement. Every pod of dolphins that bow ride Tanda Malaika hear our squeals of excitement and we take more photos. Each time we set out on a crossing, dive off the stern or pull the dinghy up on a new beach, our hearts are full and we love to be where we are.


While exploring we have sailed through seas so calm that the sunset is reflected perfectly in it.

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Jude and Mycah jumped off the bow out in open ocean and swam around to the stern, just to climb back on and do it again.

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This place, where the sky is made of swirled sorbet and the ocean is an endless glass of fresh grape juice, where the breeze fills the spinnaker pulling us forward to mesmerizing places and we can openly be ourselves…this place, is our Heaven.

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