Day: March 31, 2016

Big Fat Tuna

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Danny and I were snorkeling a reef and enjoying the peacefulness and beauty, when all of a sudden two strange creatures went rushing passed us…


At any given time during your busy day if you happen to wonder what the Tanda Malaika crew are up to right at that moment, it’s guaranteed that at least a couple of us are up to something rather odd. In this case it was the Aidan and Mycah creatures ‘training’ for the next water Olympics. They will compete in the event where the athletes sprint on the ocean floor while carrying large, heavy boulders. They are both quite good at it.

We played with sting rays for a while as they kept circling us and rubbing themselves against our legs. They are so cute, as soon as they see us in the water, then swarm in like B52 bombers.

GOPR6039   GOPR6041


Danny caught a big fat tuna on a cedar plug. He fought the entire way in but Danny stayed with him and finally brought him onto the boat. We have had several large fish bite right through the leaders and take our lures.

DSC_0590   DSC_0591


We were sailing up to Freeport to explore it and the surrounding Cays, when the sky darkened and a funnel cloud formed right in the direction we were headed. So, we decided it’d be safest if we holed up in a safe little anchorage in the North side of Bimini.


Winds reached up to 30 knots today and thunder and lightning filled the sky, and a wonderful heavy rain washed the salt spray off our deck. Since it was dreary outside, after Emma completed her school work she made a wind chime from shells and sea glass she’d collected. She did a beautiful job.

DSC_0005-20   DSC_0006-21   DSC_0010

We also did some organizing and then watched sea planes take off right next to Tanda Malaika.

DSC_0003-24   DSC_0004-20

This evening for dinner I made Chicken Tiki Masala with beetroot salad on the side, and blueberry cobbler for dessert. After that we watched ‘The Patriot’period together as a family since Mycah is busy studying about that time in her US History class.

It’s expected that tomorrows weather will be much like today’s, so we will probably stick around here till Friday morning. The veggie boat arrives tomorrow sometime, so we will stock up on some fresh fruits and vegetables.