Lucaya, Bahamas

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Today I decided to wash all our bedding and a few towels. Danny helped me wring the quilt out and I hung everything to dry in the beautiful breeze that was blowing. Before long Jude was busy with hers as well, and shortly afterward I had Aidan bring his out so he could work on his. Very quickly Tanda Malaika looked like one giant washing line with quilts, towels, sheets and clothing drying all over her.


As I walk passed the throw ring on the stern I scraped my thigh and it immediately bruised up. Emma saw it and informed me that I am most definitely getting ‘wicked old.’ She exclaimed, ‘Holy Cow Mom, look how quickly that bruised…you know that’s like wicked old activity there don’t you? That’s impressive how you old people bruise so quickly! Wow Mom, that’s really legit stuff!’ I simply stared speechlessly at her, then started to laugh.


The generator has been over heating and shutting off, so Danny pulled it apart to diagnose the problem. As usual, he found it! The end cap to a fresh water hose had a crack in it and of coarse we didn’t have an extra end cap, so he used his amazing McGuiver skills and used a toenail clipping and bobby pin to fix it. (actually I have no idea how he jerry rigged this one but it works perfectly now.) While he had it apart, he found a couple other things that didn’t look right so he fixed them too. He is so wonderful with his genius mind and unmatched skills

The creatures and I explored a close by beach, which has a beautiful backdrop of tall pines. Their imaginations ran wild and they asked if they could camp there tonight, so this evening they will return and set up fort.

DSC_0005-23  DSC_0010-23


Jude found a container washed up on the beach and pulled it behind her, filling it with treasures and firewood for the camp out, and Emma found a large branch that she thought would be perfect for firewood.

DSC_0019   DSC_0021

At one point Emma sat in the woods for a while and after some time I went up to her and asked what she was up to. She was so cute because she’d found a bunch of little thorns and was playing with them. Her hands were covered in them as she studied their tiny barbs.

DSC_0016-28   DSC_0017-21

Down the water way from our anchorage is a marine police station. We took the dinghy over there this afternoon and tied up to the dock just as an officer was walking passed. We asked him if it was okay that we use the dock while we caught a cab in to the grocery store, and in a big friendly Bahamian voice he welcomed us and said he’d give us a ride to the grocery store. As we were tying up I looked down in the water and saw a seahorse with its tail wrapped around a line in the water. It’s not very often that one see’s a seahorse, so we all gathered around to watch the beautiful little guy.

It’s been since Nassau that we’ve seen a real grocery store with beautiful fresh fruit, and it felt good to be back in one. The prices were slightly better on many items than those in Nassau, but what cost us $150 in Mexico, cost us $450 here.
Right outside the grocery store was a frozen yogurt place and we treated ourselves to delicious bowls of frozen yogurt. It was such a wonderful treat!

After returning to Tanda Malaika the creatures gathered up supplies for a camp out, and Danny and I took them and their small load and dropped them off. They are so excited. We have cell coverage here so can easily be contacted if need be, but I have no doubt that we won’t hear from them. They have starbursts to roast over a fire, games to play and lots of energy and excitement to do it all with. Danny and I will be on Tanda Malaika just a short distance away enjoying a very quiet night on the boat.



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