Exploring Lucaya

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Since Tanda Malaika is all clean and safe next to the dock, we set out to explore our surroundings.


Staying in this marina gives us full access to the pool area, and even though the weather hasn’t been totally sunny, we have enjoyed it.

DSC_0036-10   DSC_0037-9

DSC_0038-12   DSC_0041-11

DSC_0040-12   DSC_0035-8

The landscaping is bright and beautiful and people are so warm and friendly.

DSC_0033-16   DSC_0039-9

In the touristy village close by, buildings are painted in bright colors that put a smile on everyone’s faces, and shops are packed and stacked with all sorts of souvenirs.

DSC_0063-8   DSC_0064-6

Danny got a hair cut and looks wonderful – although he did before it too!


In the evenings, a huge bonfire is lit on the beach for everyone to enjoy, and entertainment is provided in the form of music and goofiness.


DSC_0059-11   DSC_0060-9

We’ve been told that tomorrow there will be about 60 extreme kayakers preparing for the annual fishing tournament. Last year one of the kayak fishermen caught a blue marlin and fought it for 11 hours, during which time he was drug 15 miles out to sea. He finally brought it in. We are excited to watch the action, and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two on how to be a better fisherman!



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