Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Day 1

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We awoke early this morning and made our way to the beach to watch the anglers prepare their kayaks for a long day on the water. The ocean was calm and the sunrise was beautiful.


Aidan decided to stay in bed, but the girls and Danny and I watched as people hurried about organizing their gear and filling their live bait tanks from the bait boat.

DSC_0039   DSC_0022-18

A couple of the anglers walked past the girls asking them where the giant pickle is. They responded by saying that it was exhausted and wanted to sleep in.

Kayaks in all colors lined the beach. Some had a dozen rods standing ready in their holders while others just had two or three. I walked among them eyeing out their lures and reels.

DSC_0027-13   DSC_0025-14

DSC_0028-17   DSC_0033-17

A photographer approached the girls and asked if he could take their photo…so I photographed him photographing them…


Soon time came for things to get serious, and everyone made their way into the water and loaded into their kayaks. The competitive athlete in me felt that adrenaline rush that comes right before the whistle blows for a race to begin, and I imagined myself out there. (with lures I had made of course!)

DSC_0037-10   DSC_0032-15

Once the anglers were off and away we went back to Tanda Malaika to get some things done. I scrubbed and cleaned and scrubbed some more while the creatures did their school work and then later their chores. It was good to spend some time with them – even if we were all busy, because Danny and I haven’t seen much of them the past few days as they have spent all their extra time with their friends. They started out with a group of about 12 other kids spending time with them and as of yesterday, five more teenage boys have joined the group. They are all such a fun bunch of kids, and the worst mischief they got up to was last night after the water slide was closed they all lathered up with soap and slid down it!

Jude and Mycah helped the neighbors take down sails and scrub their boat. The owners, who are an older couple have a little difficulty getting around – him with a bad back and her with MS, so the creatures were more than happy to help.


When Danny and I completed what we needed to do we spent some time relaxing by the pool. Everywhere we go, whether it be by the pool or on the beach, people walk up to us and say, ‘you must be the parents of those awesome kids that live on the boat.’ A camera man from a Tampa TV station approached us with the same question and then asked if tomorrow he can come over to Tanda Malaika and interview us.

When it got closer to the time when the tournament was going to be over for the day, we walked out onto the beach once again. Kayaks were already lined up and contestants carried their catches up to be weighed.

DSC_0043-12   DSC_0044-11

DSC_0049-8   DSC_0052-7   DSC_0051-7   DSC_0048-6


The biggest catch of the day was a 40.5lb King Fish and then a 39lb grouper.

DSC_0059-12   DSC_0058-6   DSC_0057-9

DSC_0056-9   DSC_0055-8

All the fish are gathered up afterward and given to a women’s shelter and soup kitchens. Danny and I stood talking with some of the anglers and picked their brains about fishing. They all recommended that since we troll for fish as we sail, we use metal leaders rather than the ones we’ve been using. They are going to teach us how to make them.

This evening we are enjoying relaxing after a full day of sunshine. The creatures are off with their group of friends and Danny and I are here in the quiet of our home. I am so grateful for my eyesight, so that I can see so many interesting things in the world around me.



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