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This morning began with school work and chores, and then some extra maintenance chores for everyone. It was time to scrub bilges and rinse out holding tanks. Everyone ‘rolled up their sleeves’ and got to work, efficiently completing their tasks while listening to good music and chatting back and forth. Our sweet neighbors that were docked behind us needed help once again and Aidan and Emma went over to shine up all their stainless steel around their boat as well as assist them in transporting their boat and another boat to the haul out marina.

Danny got busy in the starboard engine room replacing a bilge pump that seems to have a short.


Just as Danny got done, the gentleman from the Tampa CBS TV station came to interview us. He spoke with Danny and I first and then with Jude and Mycah. He said that it should air within the next two weeks.

Afterwards we made our way back down to the beach to see how the anglers were doing on their 2nd day of the fishing tournament. Several had already come back in and most commented that the conditions were not as good today as yesterday.

FullSizeRender-1027   FullSizeRender-1031


Some huge King Fish and Wahoo were brought in as well as some massive snapper. We hung around for the weighing in and then also the awards ceremony. The first prize was $10 000 and a beautiful trophy. Our sweet friend, Meli, gave us a huge Trigger fish that she had caught, and Danny filleted it up beautifully.


FullSizeRender-1028   DSC_0054-6

While all the celebrations were going on, one of the winners came up to us wanting to chat, and said, ‘do you realize that your family is the talk of the tournament!’ Everyone has been so interested in our life style and many have come to check Tanda Malaika out.

We heard some commotion and splashing in the water behind us, and turned to see a 10ft scalloped hammerhead within 5ft of shore, grabbing at some fish. All the chum, blood and bait the last few days has attracted it in. After being really close it swam out a little ways and we watch its dorsal fin moving in the directing of a swimming area. I looked to the side and saw two women and a baby about chest deep in the water and yelled to Danny that the shark is headed right for them. He sprinted down the beach yelling for them to get out of the water. It was like a scene from the Jaws movie, as I watched Danny running, the shark approaching, and a water skier in the background skiing closer in to the danger zone. All ended well, and several of the anglers decided that they are going to try catch it tonight, photograph it and set it free once again.

Three different anglers came and gave us gifts, which was so unexpected and incredibly thoughtful of them. A beautiful new fishing rod and reel, as well as leaders and lures. We are so set at this point!

FullSizeRender-1029   DSC_0055-9

We sat together as a family on the beach for a while and watched the colors in the sky soften as the sun began to lower in the west. A large flock of terns and seagulls walked the beach eating bits of left over chum and bait, and Aidan and Mycah ran through them – sending them soaring over the waves.

DSC_0025   DSC_0027

One of our new dear angler friends wanted a photo with us. We have so many wonderful new friends.


We have loved our time here in Lucaya, Grand Bahama. The staff are always smiling and so friendly and helpful, and we have all loved spending time with incredibly giving, happy and positive people. We will always remember this place with great fondness. Our plan is to set sail for southern Abacos in the morning. Hopefully we will have wifi so I can post a blog tomorrow night.




2 thoughts on “Wonderful People

    linda govatos said:
    April 10, 2016 at 4:24 am

    So fascinating as always!!! Can’t wait for Dad and Steve to read this tomorrow. They both turned in early. I’m so proud of all of you….you’re setting such a great example to everyone you meet. Remember what your blessing said Dan? We thought it was referring to your flying all around the world, but maybe this is what the blessing was talking about!     Love you all more than you can imagine,Mama Linda


    Michael Limperis said:
    April 17, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    I have some great photos of your family and your sailboat. Please send me an email address. I think you folks need to consider bringing personal photographer for the rest of the adventure.


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