Spanish Wells, Bahamas

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Spanish Wells  is considerably different from the Bahamian towns we’ve visited. Not just by appearance but it also has a different vibe. Many people notice it and either love it or would rather avoid the place altogether. Unlike the other islands, most of the residents are Caucasian, but still use the same Bahamian talk. Golf carts are the main mode of transportation.

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Spanish Wells is a small town on the island of George’s Cay. Historically, the island was used as a last stop for Spanish ships returning to Europe, the  ships refilled their water supply from wells built for this purpose and that’s how it got its name. The first colonists from Bermuda suffered a shipwreck on the reef known as Devils Backbone, and ended up settling in Spanish Wells. Today the town is the center for lobster fishing in the Bahamas, and the harbor is lined with power boats in every shape and size, packed with fishing gear and lobster pots.

We explored the town which is neatly lined with beautifully painted homes with well kept yards. Some of the paint color combinations would be seen a gaudy in other places, but here in the Bahamas, it’s the norm. Even the cemetery seemed and bright with many colorful flowers and surrounded by brightly painted homes.

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On our first day here we walked the beaches on the north side of the island and were once again amazed at the blueness and clarity of the water.


On our second day we took the dinghy up the south side and found a gorgeous shallow area by a bridge that connects St George’s Cay to Russell Cay, and splashed around in the water for the afternoon.

DSC_0007   DSC_0024-19


The creatures played on a rope swing attached to the bridged, and climbed as high as they could for jumping tricks as well.

DSC_0016-31   DSC_0017-23

DSC_0018-26   DSC_0019-24

At one point they called me over and Jude mischievously said, “so Mom, it’s a really hot day, would you like something from the fridge?” I looked at the abandoned fridge and said “but of course, thank you…,” she opened it, and look what was inside…

DSC_0024   DSC_0027

A case of Mycah! Funny kids.

Jude found more twine to take back to Tanda Malaika which Danny tried hiding, but it didn’t work.

These adventures never grow old, and the people we share them with are so wonderful. Today a woman and her son were motoring past us and recognized our boat name from Facebook, and stopped by for a visit. They shared a huge delicious pasta salad with us, we chatted for a while, they asked for a tour of our home, and then were off on their way again. Before leaving she mentioned that she is a mathematics teacher and asked if any of the creatures needed help with math homework.

Our lives are so blessed as we open our hearts and minds with love and gratitude to the world around us.



One thought on “Spanish Wells, Bahamas

    linda govatos said:
    April 24, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    You are all living your dreams!! I, for one, really love the colorful homes and buildings!! Here at our community, we have to submit a request even if we want to vary the color of tan, to a committee for approval!!Dad is leaving for SLC this afternoon, and then Steve and I will start the long trip there tomorrow morning. Dad and I will probably be gone for several months, so we’re grateful to have Steve living in the house. Mike will watch over things too. He put up the Greek flag on the flag pole, and said he’s not taking it down until Tony is safely home. What a great neighbor. In case you’re wondering, of course Jasmine and Chloe are going with us.Keep sending your wonderful blogs….we never miss them!  Love you all soooo much!!!


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