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En route to Nassau, we saw a huge flock of seagulls splashing into the water then taking flight again, and turned to port to sail through the flock. They were feeding on little fish who were being hunted by bigger fish, and we wanted to catch one! In no time at all we heard the whiz of the reel and Mycah (for the first time) grabbed a hold of it and reeled in a nice looking tuna.


Nassau was as busy as ever. Airplanes flying in and out, boats packed with people going in every direction, and police sirens loudly blaring as they passed. Danny had a whirlwind trip, flying to Miami, picking up our feathering props and a couple other things we needed, then flying back that evening. We met him out on the road when his taxi arrived, and what pulled up was a big white limo (which was the same price at a regular taxi), and Danny climbed out with his lips puckered and his hand pushing his hair back like he was some sort of super star. We all bust out laughing.We really missed him while he was gone. Even Nassau seemed to celebrate his return, as fireworks were shot off over the bridge.


It felt good to leave the big city this morning, leaving the craziness behind and heading out to peaceful waters.


Tonight we are anchored on the south side of Rose Cay. A beautiful, calm little island covered in dense vegetation and a couple of gorgeous beaches. We arrived at low tide and took the dinghy to explore the beach.


Emma searched for shells while we all explored and waded through a large area of gorgeous shallow water. I love the patterns that the wind forms on the water, as well as the pattern of the waves.



I love seeing the world through the creatures eyes, and witnessing their love and interest in the world.

As we were returning to the dinghy, I came across a beautiful sea hare. Sea hares have a soft body with an internal  shell. Their color is directly related to their diet, which mostly consists of seaweed. To defend themselves they can squirt an inky substance which is either red or purple in color.


In China they are fried and eaten with rice or some wrapped in grape leaves and eaten. We didn’t eat this little guy (nor ever will we eat sea hares), and set him free.

Tomorrow we will return to Spanish Wells, where Tanda Malaika will be hauled out on Friday for repairs.





2 thoughts on “Quick trip

    magdaleene said:
    April 28, 2016 at 8:34 am

    Loved your comments and your descriptions. When I saw the photo of the island you anchored at Darling. I felt a little homesick, remembering the thrill to see another beautiful Island. the crust of rocks along the edge of the island, brought back beautiful memories of funny things in the sea that looked like dog poop and colorful sea plants…..


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