Dinghy Butt

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DINGHY BUTT: The term we use to describe ones wet buttocks which sometimes happens after a ride in the dinghy.

You can always tell which sailors have their boats out at anchor or on a mooring ball, verses those that are docked because the docked folks don’t have dinghy butt when walking around town or walking into church! Dinghy butt is especially pronounced when the water is rough in the anchorage. We used to make comment and laugh at each other when we walked around with a wet behind, but at this point we don’t even notice anymore – on ourselves or each other. On good days, we don’t experience dinghy butt at all.

Yesterday the creatures took some time to scrub decks out on the stern, and did a wonderful job. Emma was rocking her newly braided and beaded hair, which Jude and I did last night. She looks so cute.

After chores were completed, and laundry was washed and hanging to dry, the creatures and I went to the beach for a bit while Danny relaxed and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Aidan, as always, brought his Penny board along, and found a bunch of boards and built a ramp of sorts to skate down and off of.

He did really well, and only went flying a couple times. No trips to the ER were needed and he now has more great photos to post on his Penny board Instagram.
While we were at the beach, a golf cart full of boys drove past, and looked down from the bridge at the girls on the beach. Before long, 3 golf carts full of boys had pulled up, turned their music up really loud and were playing football on the beach and ‘accidentally’ throwing the ball so that it landed right where they were laying. It cracked me up. The guys were so obnoxious and did everything they could to get the girls attention, but Jude, Mycah and Emma were so busy enjoying their beach time that they paid no attention to them. After a while they gave up and went swimming.

Around dinner time we set off for Tanda Malaika, so I could cook supper and take the laundry down.

I cooked the Tuna that Mycah caught and made a big salad to go with it. We love eating dinner out in the stern salon, as the sun lowers in the sky and a cool breeze blows from across the water.

Since today was Sunday, after church we enjoyed a lazy day on the boat…reading, spending time together and relaxing. Who knows what adventures this week will bring, but what we do know, is that we will be ready for them.


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