Day: May 3, 2016

Missing Captain

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Tanda Malaika will be missing her Captain for a week or so, but not as much as her crew will! Danny received a phone call last night asking him if he’d be willing to fly some clients from Taiwan to Genoa, Italy. This morning we got him packed and early afternoon took the dinghy over to the ferry so he could be taken to the Eluthera airport. We already miss him!!

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He’s had a long day, with several flights that will eventually end him in Taiwan. After a few hours there he’ll fly the jet to Italy with a fuel stop in Finland. We are excited to see photos from his travels in that beautiful part of the world.

We spoke with the haul out owner today, and it looks like Tanda Malaika will most likely be hauled out either on Saturday or Monday. All necessary parts have arrived and we are ready to roll.

Aidan showed me an amazing bruise on his thigh this morning. He attempted to jump from the dinghy to the sugar scoop, and slipped. This beauty is his badge of honor.


After dropping Danny off we motored over to the beach. The water was so incredibly warm. We immersed ourselves in it for almost four hours, chatting with friends and meeting new people. An older gentleman and his cute little dog joined us, and he chatted with Jude about sailing. He lives on a 26ft boat.

The pickle and some of the creatures jumped off the bridge and Emma jumped from the dinghy to the rope swing as we motored past it.

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We were told about a Haitian refugee camp on a close by island that needs humanitarian aid, and tomorrow we will try to find it to see where we can help.