Eventful day

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It’s been another wonderful day in Spanish Wells. We got the water maker busy making fresh water for us, and while it was doing its thing, Jude, Mycah and I set dove off the boat to begin our morning exercise. We swam for a solid hour, doing freestyle, breast stroke and back stroke, which according to an exercise app, burns 832 calories!When we came back on board, Emma told me that she had never bobbed for apples – so we figured that there’s no time like the present, and she bobbed a couple out of a bucket. (it’s the little things…)

We went to the hardware store to find that our bridle was beautifully repaired, and followed it with some quality beach time. Connor, from Hi 5, has become good friends with Aidan. It’s been fun watching them interact and play together.

Our friends, Kerry, Julie, Connor and Dylan from Hi 5.

We decided that since our friends would be leaving soon to sail back to Canada, we’d grab a bite to eat together for dinner, and walked over to Budda’s Snack Shack. On the way we met a group of people from the US who are visiting the island and are so sweet. They invited us for a bon fire on the beach after dinner.

When I went to pay for our meal, they told me they don’t accept debt cards, so I had to walk several blocks to the ATM for cash. After walking about half way there, the snack shack owner pulled up in her golf cart offering to give us a ride. She was a crazy driver! When we turned a corner she’d lean clear out of the car to turn and corner like it was on rails, then drove SO fast down the roads. Emma and I were laughing and white knuckling it in the back seat. When we reached our final destination I felt like I should jump out and kiss the ground.

The bon fire with our new friends was wonderful. We sat and chatted until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer, and then they were sweet enough to take us back to our dinghy on their golf carts. Their driving was far more relaxing.

I spoke with my Darling today, and it was wonderful to hear his voice. He slept for 10 hours once he reached his hotel after two days of flying. He is in Genoa, Italy, where Christopher Columbus was born. He said that him and the other pilots went to Frank Sinatra’s favorite restaurant. Intact, Frank loves the ravioli there so much that he’d send his private jet there just to pick up ravioli for him. Danny had to try it, and said it was absolutely delicious. He sent these lovely pictures from his walk to the restaurant. We can’t wait till he returns to us.


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