Dismantling my head!

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First thing the morning the Creatures and I went for some groceries. We saw a golf cart that would actually fit our sized family! If all the creatures were here, we’d need 3 more rows of seats. After that I had some very important business to attend to…

Today was the day…it was time. I’d been putting it off for a couple of days, but I cannot procrastinate any longer. The time had come to dismantle my head, bang it around, jump on it, beat in into submission, then reassemble it. It paints a disturbing picture, but for those who have been following my blog for a while now, you know that these issues have shown their ugly faces in the past, and once again it’s time to face the…toilet. Our marine heads flush with salt water which is a beautiful thing because we aren’t wasting fresh water, but it comes with some not so beautiful issues. When salt water and urine mix, nasty little crystals form around the insides of the hoses kind of like a clogged artery. It’s just as bad as a clogged artery actually because it would be so easy to have a heart attack when you pull the hoses out and take a peek inside them.I stood facing of the toilet this morning, like a matador faces a bull. We eyed each other out, I waved a rag back and forth, and then went in for the hoses.

I had to remove the hose at the base of the toilet, and also it’s end which happens to end at the glorious holding tank.

Of course all this takes place behind a closed door in an area the size of a broom closet, so getting up close and personal with the white porcelain thrown is part of the adventure. Keeping all that stench nice and closed in is a wonderful thing too! Once I’d removed the guilty party I took it out on the stern and did some not so lady like things to it. I smacked it, bent it around, fished a wire hanger down inside it and back out again, and washed all the badness away.

That process took over an hour, and then came the tedious part of threading the hose back in through the tiny spaces once again. I tied a string to one end and finally got the job by gently pulling and pushing and hoping.

I eventually had everything put back together, then pushed the electric flush button to test it, and found that for some reason now the macerator is not working. I must have jiggled something loose. It’s going to have to wait for another day, because I’ve had about as much fun as I can handle in one day.
During the afternoon while I was immersed up to my elbows in miniature stalactites, I thought about what I was doing and had to smile. It wasn’t so bad, and either way I’d rather be living on a boat, dealing with my head, than living on land and dealing with what that all involves.

My handsome husband just called and is in Taipei waiting for his flight to come home. He’ll be flying all through the night tonight and all day tomorrow, then return to us on Wednesday. We are so excited to see him.

The creatures have gone to a youth group get together tonight so I’m alone here at home in the quiet. I hear the water gently lapping up against my bedroom walls as Tanda Malaika ever so slightly rocks over the waves. Life is good, I have a beautiful clean head, and I’m going to sleep well tonight!


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