Me, a Mother

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Call me old fashioned, but to be a mom is incredibly fulfilling. It’s where my heart is. Mother’s Day is still on my mind, probably because in my world every day is Mother’s Day. My beautiful children don’t treat me any different on Mother’s Day than they do any other day because they are that wonderful 99% of the time. They treat me with respect and so much love, and I am undeserving but so very grateful.I was such a tomboy growing up, and being the youngest of 3, I didn’t have a younger sibling to teach me patience. I never babysat for anyone and often thought little kids were annoying. I figured you just can’t build a good fort, race bicycles or climb a nice big tree with little kids around. I couldn’t see myself with children, and as I got older I thought perhaps I could stomach 3 kids max!
From the moment I was pregnant with my first I was instantly, completely in love with my baby. I love being pregnant, knowing there is life growing inside me and I am filled with energy and unbelievable unconditional love. During pregnancies my schedule didn’t change from all the hiking, camping and exploring, aside from learning to sew. I made quilts and baby clothes as I watched my belly grow. Labor and delivery is one of my favorite things. I love the energy, the pain, the determination in myself, and when each of my babies took their first breaths I wept, overwhelmed with a level of love I never knew existed. I became a mother when I was 20 and delivered my 6th and 7th babies when I was 30. My days were spent nursing, reading copious amounts of books to my little angels, baking, running through the yard, the parks and mountains with them. We built forts and gardens, camped, kayaked and hiked. When I married Danny I was blessed with 4 more angels, whom I love so very deeply.
So here I am, the girl who wasn’t interested in having kids, with 11 incredible individuals to love, harass, teach, learn from and explore the world with. I am a Mother. I am a Wife. I feel like the luckiest, most blessed woman to ever walk the earth.


One thought on “Me, a Mother

    magdaleene said:
    May 13, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    beautiful Belinda. love you.


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