Day: May 14, 2016


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The past couple of days have been filled with lots of adventuring and beach time.

Danny and I spent some time building a marvelous sand castle while the creatures and about 10 other Bahamian creatures playing games in the water.

We stayed till sunset, which is a magical time to be on the beach. The breeze was calm, the lighting less intense and those on the beach chatted quietly after a long day. Even the creatures sat with some of their friends and enjoyed the peaceful quiet. Danny perched himself comfortable in the water, talking to an old man named Robert, who has built several of the fishing boats in Spanish Wells.

As we made our way back to Tanda Malaika, the colors of the sunset changed to more intense oranges and our home looked even more welcoming as we approached.

This morning we loaded up again and set out for another adventure. We wanted to show Danny ‘Preachers Cave’ and the blue hole.

The blueness of the ocean and clarity of the water was so welcoming. Danny drove the dinghy to the beach off Devils Backbone where the British had shipwrecked just off Preachers Cave.

It was interesting approaching from this side this time, realizing that it was the same way they did back in the 1600’s. Wet, cold and frightened, they probably prayed in gratitude having survived, asking for guidance to food and shelter. Preachers Cave would have been an amazing find!

After visiting the cave we walked for about a mile up the road to where the blue hole is. Aidan Enjoyed more time on his Penny board.

On the way we found an abandoned orchard with fruit falling all over the ground. Oranges, bananas, avocado, mangoes, paw paw, lime and sapodilla trees were all over the place. The only fruit that was in season were the oranges, sapodilla and lime. We gathered some of those and wished that the mangoes were ripe!

Danny loved the blue hole, and after we had spent time cooling off and lounging in the gorgeous sapphire water, we walked back to the dinghy and motored back home.

Another amazing day of adventuring with this tribe leaves me feeling tired, relaxed and so grateful.

Life as a sailor is a wonderful life.