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This morning the creatures and I are moving on from Eleuthera to the Exumas. We are excited for this, as the exams are known as the crown jewel of the Bahamas. Approximately 365 islands make up the Exumas, with the Atlantic on the east side and the caribbean on the west. We have loved our time here in Spanish Wells and have made so many wonderful friends. We have accomplished our goal of doing humanitarian work, as well as learning and loving a new culture and people. When we first arrived here the creatures were unsure if they were going to be able to embrace the different vibe here, but have learned and showed themselves that if you open your heart and mind, love conquers all.

Yesterday I went for almost a 2 mile swim. I was in my zone, physically feeling the rhythm of my body gliding through the water with each stroke, and mentally feeling one with the ocean and the life it holds. The waters surface was so warm, that I was sweating as I swam, only to be cooled slightly when my arms reached down at the base of my stroke in the cooler thermal layer. My thoughts migrated back and forth between prayer and meditation, when I was abruptly interrupted by a 3ft Barracuda flying past me, just missing my left hand stroke. I glanced up, noticing a large dark form in the water ahead which resembled a bull shark that had no interest in me, and as I began following through with another stroke I felt the cold scaly body of a fish across the small of my back. I raised my head wondering what on earth was going on, when I heard someone yell to me from the back saying that he was gutting fish and a hammerhead and several bull sharks were grazing on it. I was dumbfounded, and yelled back, ‘so you bait the water more by throwing barracuda at me?’ To which he replied that he tried calling me several times and that was all he could think of to do. I chuckled and then he chuckled, I thanked him for his concern, and continued on with my swim, not seeing another shark the rest of the time. Funny experience!

Here’s to moving on to the next adventure, which will no doubt be fantastic. Photos and thoughts will follow later. I hope your day id filled with wonder too.


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