Shroud Cay

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Last night a feisty storm blew in with 45 knot winds. When I went for my swim yesterday I had dove down and checked out our anchor and knew it was secure, so I wasn’t worried about it but rather about the boats that surrounded us. I stood in the dark out on the trampoline and watched, and was concerned in particular about a power boat that was close by which appeared to be inching its way toward us. As I watched him through the storm, he reached a point where his anchor must have grabbed again, because he seemed to be staying put, and this morning in the light I could see that my concern was valid because he was considerably closer than before. I am grateful that we were protected.The creatures have had so much fun at Allen Cay, exploring and learning about the endangered rock iguanas.

They made several new friends, who came over both nights for movies and enjoyed the caramel popcorn I made. One of them, a 15 year old boy named Quentin, spent the night and began calling me Mom. The creatures had fun jumping off a big double masted schooner that was anchored close by.

After saying our goodbyes we set sail once again, this time on the Atlantic side of the islands in hopes of good wind. The Atlantic is a big ocean and it was fun to think that if we just continued out for a while we’d hit Europe.

Stormy skies gave way, amounting to no wind, so not only was sailing at a snails pace, but I had problems with the engines, so we didn’t make much head way… which ended up being a blessing because we found the most beautiful place ever! A place called Shroud Cay, with many huge beautiful beaches and little water ways and open lagoon areas with exquisite water and vegetation. As we approached Jude told me to be really quiet and not wake the sleeping dinosaurs.

We anchored in a turquoise wonderland, leaving our friendly hitch hiker behind on the boat, and set out to explore.

After turning up into a break in the island, we came into the most gorgeous lagoon of sorts with tropical plants growing densely on the surrounding island.

We couldn’t believe our eyes as we motored slowly, trying to look everywhere all at once – not wanting to miss a thing.

The water was so clear, that 4 or 5 ft of water looked like it was only a few inches deep.

We followed the lagoon around which lead to other canal looking stretches which opened up into more lagoons and canals. A maze of breathtaking beauty.

We came across many beautiful little beaches and in the two hours we explored, we didn’t see another soul.

Mycah was driving the dinghy, and at one point while we were cruising along, her, Aidan and Jude jumped out into the warm water, thinking they were so funny. Emma and I decided we’d be nice and pick them up.

We returned home to cook dinner and the creatures practiced back flips off Tanda Malaika. They are getting pretty good!

Tomorrow morning at first light when I go for my swim, I think I’ll swim through the lagoon. We will continue on to Staniel Cay, where pigs are celebrities and swim freely in the ocean.


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    magdaleene said:
    May 22, 2016 at 11:28 am

    Beautiful photos my Baby.


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