Day: May 21, 2016

Swine fish…?!

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I had a sleepless night last night. So much on my mind, and being on the Atlantic side, the water was rough and I kept checking the anchor and was aware of different sounds. But, this morning when the morning sun lit the gorgeous clouds, and a steady wind blew over the bow, I knew it would be a good time to set sail. As sailors, even though sometimes we may want to stay some place longer, if the weather is favorable to raise the sails and move on, it’s time.

We moved out across the Atlantic away from reefs and sand bars, and in a few seconds went from a depth of 6 ft to 3000 ft. About 3 hours into our 6 hour sail, we heard the ‘zing’ of the starboard side fishing reel, and just as I grabbed it, the port reel sounded it’s success call aswell. Emma and I looked over at each other with smiles on our faces as we fought our fish. When we first started I told the creatures that I bet they are a Mahi Mahi pair, and I was right! Jude and I got busy and each filleted a fish, prepping them for meals to come.

We passed one of Mick Jaggar’s homes, and so many beautiful islands, and wished we could explore every single one.

When we reached the cut that we had to navigate through with not so great charts, it challenged my navigation and boat maneuvering skills as a skipper. Reading the color and texture of the surrounding water, and with my trusty crew on the bow, we made it through the maze of gorgeousness that was scattered with sand bars, coral heads and rocky shallows.

After successfully moving through the salty labyrinth, we safely arrived at a most peculiar place…the island of swimming pigs called Big Major. (Should have been Pig Major). Giant swine with cute hairy bodies and big pink snouts greeted us on the beach and in the water. Most importantly, they approved of the pickle!

We took hot dogs with us to coax them closer, but ended up not needing them because they came running and were not afraid to get up close and personal.

This guy was so cute, he just sat down in the water and observed everything that was going on around him. Aidan thought that he looked like he had been fed marijuana brownies!

Danny is enjoying his trip to Italy, flying his client once again. The funny thing is that today he sailed with him on his 43 meter sailboat. Poor guy just doesn’t get a break from the dreadful stress of sailing, but at least he does from his wife and kids.
Tomorrow after boat chores are completed we will explore Staniel Cay and play in Thunderbolt Cave, where the James Bond movie was filmed. Until then, it’s time to rest this body…my babies are already asleep.