Guana Cay

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It’s always fun to anchor at night then wake in the morning to see what it looks like where you are. This morning we woke to an exquisite scene…gorgeous clear water leading to a long beautiful beach and not another soul in sight.

The creatures were all fast asleep, so I put my swimsuit on and quietly slipped into the water for my daily swim. The ocean floor consisted of sand, and nothing else. Just white sand in ripple formations as far as I could see – which was pretty far, given the clarity of the water. There were also no fish, just me and the sand and sea. Though I’ve never been to space, I imagine it feels much the same as I was feeling…weightless, suspended and able to move fluidly and free with no obstructions. It’s a beautiful feeling which brings me incredible peace, and it is often during these times that I take time to pray. After swimming about half of a mile, I turned toward shore and swam to the deserted beach, where my footprints were the first to break the patterns created in the sand by water and wind. I glanced toward our floating home and smiled, knowing that 4 of my babies were there, comfortable, cozy and sound asleep.

A googolplex of tiny ceriths, bivalves and limpets lay thick and white in a two foot wide band like the Milky Way across the length of the entire beach parallel to the water line. I can confidently say that I have seen a lot of beaches in my 44 years of life, but I have never seen a beach with as many shells as this one. I lay down on my stomach, sorting through the tiny treasures, knowing that Emma was going to have blast and a half here, collecting shells for the jars she fills.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, i just had to call the creatures to come and see, so I called to my playmates, waking them from their slumber to come out and explore with me. I watched them emerge out onto the deck, rubbing their eyes – not surprised because they are used to my spontaneity and craziness, but rather, curious as to what I wanted to show them this time! In no time at all they arrived in the dinghy, greeting me with their sweet smiles and ‘I loves you’s’, as I replied with…”what took you so long, I thought you’d never come out and play!”

Many flat rocks in all sizes and shapes lay scattered higher up on the beach, which Aidan used for skipping rocks. We joined in with him and bounced our flat limestone findings across the gentle waves.

We built towers, and left them standing tall and proud, a memory that we were once there appreciating the beauty.

By late morning we raised the sail, brought up the anchor, started the water maker and moved out across the ocean. In our 8 hours of sailing, most of which was done 1 – 2 miles off shore, the deepest water we were in was 9 ft. It was like we were on a turquoise sandy bottomed lake the whole day. So beautiful.

Mycah played and sang on her Uke, Jude and Aidan made rice crispy treats, everyone read and relaxed and conversed, and at sunset we dropped anchor in yet another wonderland to explore. By tomorrow evening we hope to be in George Town, where Danny will be flying into on Tuesday or Wednesday from his trip.


One thought on “Guana Cay

    magdaleene said:
    May 23, 2016 at 5:45 pm

    Oh my goodness Belinda, THOSE SHELLS!!!!!!! When I saw all those shells I wanted to be there right now!!!! I could feel the feel of the sand and tiny rock pressing into my shin as I knelt over, and the hot son piercing into my arms and through my clothes on my back, as I foreged through the beautiful shells. How I would have loved to be at that particular beach this morning; going through those beautiful shells. I envy you Emma. When I die oneday. I want a coffin madeof plain pinewood with it covered with sea shells that have painstakingly been glued on the top of the coffin with either a rose or white daisy just lying on the coffin from each family member and friends. .Non of this posh expensive coffins. I just want a shell decorated coffin. Remember that.


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