Busy day

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Our day began with many projects. The creatures did their school work and chores then went adventuring and cliff jumping with their new friend, Jacob, while I made granola and did laundry. When the granola was in the oven I cooked up, shredded and froze 30lbs of chicken for when we are under way, and cleaned inside Tanda Malaika.

Danny texted and said he’d be on the 11:30 flight into George Town, arriving here at 1:20pm, so we finished up our projects and play and took the family car into town and tied up at the dock. While waiting for Danny’s taxi to arrive we picked up our filled propane tanks and sat waiting for him to pull up. Shortly afterward, his taxi arrived and the creatures were so happy to give him hugs and welcome him home. It’s good to have him back.

Our dinghy ride back to the boat was a very wet one, as the dinghy was overloaded with full propane tanks and all his luggage, and took on waves since we were to heavy to plane out. (Our friends, the Nel family, experienced this with us once not too long ago.)
Our new friends from the sailing vessel “Uno”, called on the radio and invited us over for a pot luck dinner and music, so I prepared a large quinoa salad and thawed out the Mahi Mahi that Emma and I had caught, and when it was time we rode over to their beautiful floating home. They are now reaching the end of their two years of cruising, and will be selling their Lagoon 44 in Florida and heading back home to Canada. Steve and Susan have two sons, Jacob and Noah, and are a delightful family. Another amazing friendship we have formed while out cruising. Steve plays the guitar well and has a beautiful singing voice, and between Mycah, Danny and him, we listened to some fantastic music all evening long.

Aidan and Emma hung out with Jacob while Noah played with his friend Jayden. His mother, Paula, and him are visiting with them for a couple weeks and she is such a sweet Angel lady as well.

As the sun set the sky was filled with a gorgeous array of color, while large thunder heads rolled in and later lightning began to flash across the darkening sky.

We all faded fast after the long day, and Danny’s travels had exhausted him, so after a while we went to load up the dinghy to leave and Danny realized that he had pulled the plug out of the dinghy so that our self bailer would empty the water out of it while we dinghied over to their boat, and he had forgotten to put the plug back in. About a foot of water sat in the dinghy! Jude and Danny climbed in with hand pumps and emptied it all out, while we all joked back and forth and chuckled about it, then finally went back home to our girl, Tanda Malaika.

We are so grateful for the many wonderful friends we have. There are some amazing people in this world, and we are privileged enough to meet many as we travel around. It’s tough saying ‘see you later’ each time, but the great thing about it is that chances are we will run into them again sometime. Somewhere out on the great blue sea, on some remote island whose name is difficult to pronounce, we will see them and it will be like we were never apart.


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