Day: May 28, 2016

Lazy days…

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Having Danny back from his trips has been so wonderful, and we have spent lots of time lounging around and enjoying our beautiful surroundings.

A few of the projects that have been completed, including Danny fixing the windlass. It ends up that Jude and I had diagnosed it correctly after all – there was some corrosion on some of the wiring. He’s also been working on the engines, and they are running considerably better too now. He’s pretty sure the overheating on starboard is due to a clogged heat exchanger.
I washed all Danny’s clothes from his trip, and with Jude’s help, repaired the mainsail where the batten had slid out by pushing it back in and sewing the thick flap back in place that holds it there. Tomorrow I will repair the jib and Danny will try install our new feathering props.
I have continued to swim everyday, and today Danny and I decided to go grocery shopping together. He grabbed his Hawaiian sling and I strapped a dive knife to my leg, and we jumped in with mask, snorkel and fins and took off for the reef.

We found an exoskeleton to a slipper lobster but no live ones, and saw no respectably sized fish to spear. I did retrieve a conch, but didn’t find any more so I let it go – there’s not much you can do with just one. A beautiful black and white Lion fish watched us from behind some coral, and a small ray lay camouflaged in the sand.

Parts of the reef were scattered with purple anemones that looked like eyeballs, and others were densely populated with bright schools of yellow reef fish.

The creatures have been enjoying lots of beach time after schoolwork and chores, and have kept us laughing as usual. Aidan continues with his major growth spurt, and is proudly gaining on Emma every week.
Many boats have left here now, leaving the anchorage wide open and peaceful.

I am grateful to be here for Memorial weekend where it is quiet and people are sparse. I believe I would have a difficult time going to my Dad and Brother’s graves. They are very much alive in my world and I feel them close and hear their voices, and I can’t bare the thought of them being anything but that. My niece made them each a wreath in a Harley Davidson theme which our sweet Mom has placed beautifully.

I am so grateful for Eternal Families. For love, memories and hope.