Day: May 31, 2016

Change of plans…

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When we took the jib down and hauled it in to our little Haitian friend for repairs, it was a fairly painless job. Mycah showed us that she can carry it by herself…little Miss Independent.

She also went up in the bosuns chair to take a look at the furler for us.

Today when we went in to the jib up, all went well, but raising it back up on the furler was an entirely different matter! The sail repair had been done well, but the part that feeds up the furler was a bit bulky, so it kept bunching up and getting stuck. Several hours later we called it good.

Danny completed assembling the props a couple of days ago, and today checked on the generator because it was overheating.

When he opened it all up he found the area covered in a soot like substance, indicating that perhaps there had been a fire or intense overheating. Our generator has 12000 hours on it (the people that had our boat before us must have run it 24/7), and they are usually good for about 10000 hours. Our generator may simply be giving up the ghost. Regardless of whether it needs to be replaced, or overhauled, the Bahamas is not the place to do it, so in the morning we will set sail for Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to get some things on Tanda Malaika taken care of once and for all. Danny will leave out of Fort Lauderdale on Sunday to fly his client, so that gives us 4 days to get there.

Aside from all the hullabaloo, we enjoyed watching countless thunderstorms roll in, dump some rain and roll out today. It was so beautiful. I love the color of the turquoise water contrasted against the darkened grey cloudy skies. We live in an exquisite world.