Land germs

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Allergies have hit the Tanda Malaika crew in full force. Sneezes, sniffles, coughs and red eyes are what everyone is dealing with, and it makes me want to head out about 15 miles off shore to make it stop. I think part of the problem is that here in the marina there is so much work being done on so many boats, and the dust and dirt from that is in the air, as well as airplanes taking off right over us from the airport a stones throw away – mix that up with the every day pollution that comes with being in a big city and you’ve got yourself a glorious allergy cocktail.

This morning we went to church and were so grateful and humbled to rub shoulders with the sweet people there. So many inspiring individuals with big hearts and simple, powerful testimony’s of what is truly important to them, and they share it so willingly and openly. I love learning from others. Outside the church were the most beautiful hibiscus flowers…


We checked in with customs yesterday, which was a painless and rapid event. Jude was quite distraught as we left the customs office because inside were signs concerning the Zika virus, yet outside was landscaped with plants that mosquitoes love to breed in. She talked about it for some time, and did more reading up on it, informing us that the exact kind of mosquito that carries the virus, is found right here in Florida. They love the abundant warmth, sweat and humidity.

Danny left this afternoon for his work trip, and we all miss him already!


Hopefully while he’s away time will pass quickly. In the morning I will meet with the haul out company, ‘Just Catamarans’, and discuss our boats issues and figure out a plan of attack. Danny and I made a list and hope they can haul us out soon to begin. Tomorrow the creatures and I will also be giving Tanda Malaika a darn good scrub, inside and out. There will be no swimming along side her though, as the water here in the marina is an interesting shade of dark green…quite a contrast to the perfectly clear turquoise we’ve been surrounded by for the past 3 months. It’s all part of the adventure though, and as everyone knows, we are always up for one of those!



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    Pam said:
    June 6, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    You sound like Bilbo Baggins! 😃


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