Leaving Home

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Yesterday seemed like an endless whirlwind of business. We took Jude to the doctor because she is still so sore and swollen from her fall down the hatch on Tanda Malaika. After the doc gave her a thorough look over he said her swelling is rock hard because there is a good sized blood clot that will take some time to dissolve and all will be well in about 4 – 6 weeks.  He suggested she use a wheel chair in the airports today and try rest as much as possible, and prescribed some meds for pain. She has switched to heat rather than ice packs and is finding great relief from that. All evening long her and Aidan were coming up with bright ideas on the fun they’d have in the airports with a wheel chair.

I went to the dentist, taking my crown with me for him to reinstall, and once he heard that I’m not from Fort Lauderdale and wouldn’t be a returning patient, he said he couldn’t help me and charged me $95 for his 3 minutes of time. What a nice guy!

We had the privilege of using washers and dryers yesterday. It is such an amazing thing to put clothes in a machine and half an hour later have clean clothing, then not too terribly long after that, have dry clothing! What a treat. All our bedding is so nice and fresh smelling now. We continued to scrub Tanda Malaika clean and at this point she is in ship shape inside and out. Saying good bye to her this morning was sad for all of us, but we have great confidence in the capable hands we’ve left her in.


This morning she will be hauled out on the big lifts right across from her, so they can repair the keels and sail drive seals.


The creatures and I are at the airport waiting for our flights. They will be in LA later tonight and I will be in Salt Lake City this evening where my sister, Bernadine, and my sweet Mama will pick me up.

I miss my handsome husband, and hope time continues to pass quickly so we can all be back together again. I’m so grateful for phones for calls and texting.


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