Day: June 9, 2016

Poor Stinky Pickle…

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I left my Angels to catch their flight and I caught mine. Fort Lauderdale to South Carolina to Phoenix to Salt lake City!

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I was standing in line in Phoenix, waiting to board my flight, and a guy in about his mid twenties was talking loudly on the phone behind me. It was obvious he spent a lot of time at the gym and even more time in front of the mirror. He was speaking in a showing off kind of tone, about how the boss had picked him to fly out on another trip and how he was at the top of his game etc etc. When he got off the the phone I heard him say, “No, no..” and turned to see him reading a text on his phone. He quickly dialed a number and here’s what I heard, “What’s wrong with Stinky Pickle? What? Are you serious?….put him on…..Stinky Pickle,  stay with me now, stay with me, listen to my voice you hear, listen to me Stinky Pickle, I’m right here….” After that someone must have come on the phone because next he said, “Are you sure…he’s dead?  He’s really dead? He died? No, no, no not Stinky pickle….” at which point he started to cry and hung up. I turned around and asked if he was okay, and he said, “yes it’s just so unfair. So hard when you lose a loved one.” I gently told him I’m really sorry, and asked, who Stinky Pickle is, to which he tearfully replied, “He’s my pet hamster man, I just can’t believe it!” I was surprised and bit my cheek as I told him again, that I’m so, so sorry, and it’ll get get easier as time goes by.

Wow! True story. You just can’t make stuff like that up!

I texted the Creatures in between flights to check on them and Mycah informed me that Jude and Aidan had gotten into trouble with the wheelchair police. When I asked Jude what for, she told me that all they were trying to do was make her drift in the wheelchair! Goofy kids. When the cat’s away the mice will play…actually in reality the cat REALLY likes to play too!

It was wonderful to give Bernadine and my Mom hugs when they picked me up. I love my family so much. To be honest I wasn’t sure how I’d react to seeing just them and not my sweet brother and father that passed away recently. But I did okay.

The drive to Idaho was beautiful. I never tire of the scenery here.




It’s a little bit of Heaven.


Tomorrow morning my Mom and I will leave bright and early to drive to California, so for now, it’s time to lay this body down and get some rest.