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We left California bright and early yesterday morning and drove to St George. Driving with the Creatures is always so fun because their conversations are hilarious and the way they care for each other is so loving and sweet. Emma began a conversation with, “I’m really pretty afraid of toilets on land…”. It sparked comments from Jude and Mycah where they all discussed how land toilets are so confusing and intimidating. They said they wonder just how long they have to hold down the handle, and where does everything go? What if it overflows? What hose would they remove and clean out? Why does it waste so much water? They were so funny.


Spending time with our wonderful friends, the Nell’s, was great as usual. All the creatures played in the pool and after a heavy down pour we stomped around in the puddles. My Mom’s dog, Teddy, loved it too.

FullSizeRender-1125   FullSizeRender-1127

This morning Marci had 5 waffle irons going and made us the most delicious waffles. We hope to see them soon again.

IMG_6028   IMG_6029

We drove on to the Salt Lake Valley where we visited with Mom and Dad and many of our other relatives including my beautiful sister, Denise, and her sweet husband Shad. We held babies, listened to the kids talent, and most amazing of all, Dad’s talent on the ukulele.

IMG_6036-1    IMG_6039    IMG_6040-1    IMG_6037-1


We have the most amazing family in the world.

When we left there we met Hunter and his beautiful girlfriend, Nona, down town SLC. It was our first time meeting her and we instantly fell in love with her. She got a full dose of the creatures and didn’t run for her life!


Tonight we are at a motel in Ogden and have kidnapped our sweet Aundrea for the night. We miss her so much when we are apart. In the morning we will check on Danny’s storage units here in Ogden, then head back to Idaho for a busy week.

Danny’s trip is coming to an end. He will be back at Tanda Malaika on Tuesday.

I am going to get some much needed sleep now in preparation for more organizing and driving tomorrow. It’s been a productive few days.


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