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Today was once again action packed with appointments, phone calls and errands. It began with my Cardiology appointment. It looks like my pacemaker is doing a good job and pacing about 18% of the time for me. My first question for my doc is always, “can we take it out yet?” His response is always “absolutely not!” I figure it’s worth the try. My battery has about 7.5 years left on it, and that’s just a weird thing to think about…I’m battery operated…

Aidan, Emma and my nephew, Gabriel ran an errand to Target with me. They are so fun to hang out with. When they were little we used to refer to them as ‘The Triplets.’ You think they still fit in the cart ok??


Emma had her eyes checked and learned that she needs glasses – which is something that has come about so quickly. All of a sudden she can’t read signs that are not that far off. She picked out a pair of sunglasses and a clear pair that are so cute on her. She’ll get them tomorrow and pictures will be posted! Her doctor strongly suggested prescription sunglasses because of our lifestyle.

I had a couple of really cute lunch dates who devoured their food like wild animals. They worked up an appetite skateboarding all over town.


This afternoon I took Emma in for her Asthma appointment. The doctor was very concerned and immediately gave her a breathing treatment since her oxygen level was low.


She has planned out an aggressive treatment planned for her including a course of oral steroids, a variety of inhalers and also wants us to take a nebulizer back to the boat with us for daily treatments. Her asthma is definitely better at sea level with the added humidity. She has struggled so much while we have been in California and here in Idaho.

I hung out with Hunter for a little while this afternoon. I am so proud of him. What an amazing individual he is. My 6’3 baby boy…


Kjira is loving life in Alaska. I look at her photos as she explores the beauty that surrounds her, and am so grateful that she is having this opportunity. She is working hard at a resort and loving it. I stole this picture off her Facebook wall.


This evening I opened up a bottle of bubbles for my great nieces and nephews. They were so adorable. Who can resist playing in bubbles!

IMG_6111     IMG_6110

IMG_6109     IMG_6106

Our girl in Florida was pampered on the hard and now has repaired keels,


and today she got a beautiful fresh blue belly.

FullSizeRender-1130    IMG_6104-1

Danny received a quote for two new engines for an insane amount of money, so we’ve decided to get a few things repaired on them and we’ll save up and replace them at another time. Her refrigerators have been serviced and they are running more efficiently too. I can’t wait to see her and Danny in just 3 more days.




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