Day: June 18, 2016

Time to head home

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Yesterday was another very busy day filled with appointments and errands. I had a little pre-cancerous gremlin frozen off my nose and am now sporting an attractive blister in its place. Today we completed our final errands, I had my crown installed at the dentist and we met with Hunter for a few to hug and kiss him ‘see you later’. It was hard saying goodbye, but we are so happy for him and his life adventures. He is an amazing big brother and son and gives awesome hugs!




Our wonderful friend, Mike, came and picked up the Harley Davidson this afternoon. He is a good friend of my brothers as well and has the same hair style (or lack of hair style) and wears his sun glasses the same way, and when he arrived at my Mom’s place he reminded me so much of Jan that I hugged him and teared up for a minute. For just a moment it was like having Jan back. We are thrilled that he is buying the bike from us – the bike that Jan rode too.

We piled our bags into my Mom’s boot, and set out for Boise. Air tickets to Fort Lauderdale were each $100 cheaper flying out of Boise rather than Salt Lake City.


The trip to Boise was pleasant with beautiful scenery, and there’s never a dull moment when the creatures are present.



We stopped at a rest area and they got their energy out with an overflowing of goofiness.





We live in such an incredibly beautiful world!



Our shuttle will pick us up at 4am to take us to the airport, which is in about 4 hours. So until then we will try get some sleep, even though we are so excited to see Danny!!!