Day: June 21, 2016

Farewell to the generator

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The past couple of days have been packed with cleaning, dejunking and people working on Tanda Malaika. It’s really interesting because when we moved onto the boat, I told the creatures to only bring what they absolutely needed to, because space is limited. They got rid of everything they sort of liked and everything they hadn’t touched in a while. This was after already getting rid of a bunch of stuff 10 months prior when leaving Hawaii. They knew they could only bring what could fit in their berths.

After living on the boat for a year now, we once again feel cluttered, even though we haven’t accumulated much, and we have learned just how little one needs to be happy. In fact it seems the less we have the happier we are!

Yesterday the electrician named Rafael, came to look at the wiring on Tanda Malaika and troubleshoot with Danny. Today the mechanic, James, came and with a little help from 3 guys and the spare halyard, removed the old generator. He had placed blue liner down to avoid staining the deck, and took great care in not dinging things up.



After attaching the spare halyard to the generator,


one of the guys turned the winch to raise the halyard line.


This raised the generator up, and Danny and the boys slowly swung it over the side of the boat and onto the dock.



Now we have a nice big empty lazarette ready to clean and prep for the new one.


The AC/refrigeration guys also came today and added a little freon, tweeked a few doodads and Bob’s your Uncle, everything is running beautifully.

I updated our sailing log book this morning, and so far we have sailed 4304 nautical miles, which is 4953 land miles. We have learned so much and are so anxious to set sail once more and continue learning and experiencing the world, hands on.