Watt a mess!

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It may seem shocking to you, but at this point we just don’t feel well grounded. I’m sitting here in my shocks eating shock-o-lot ice cream thinking how re-volt-ing calories are. Our current plans to work on the boat is still in effect and we receive no resistance from those we are paying. I have to admit though that being in a marina drives me crazy and if we don’t get out of here soon I’ll be charged with assault and…battery. I try conductor serious conversation but tend to be negative and con-fused. Perhaps I should switch to another topic because I feel I’ve lost my spark. There are after all, amp le topics to talk about.


Wires, butt connectors and electrical tape are EVERYWHERE! The electricians have rewired our entire electric panel and commented that they are amazed that Tanda Malaika hadn’t caught fire due to the messed up job that had been done before we purchased her.




Several electrical safety items have been added and I even got into the swing of it all today and rewired a fan in the crew berth and got it working well. (I felt quite accomplished and I’m sure my Dad is very proud of me).

A cute little fuse blew amid all the chaos and in this nasty heat and humidity we had extremely limited AC for a night and all holed up in the starboard hull. It was a fun adventure and caused us to appreciate the AC even more. They replaced the fuse with a big chunky mother of all fuses today!



This morning I awoke to my sweet Darling leaning over me with a big smile on his handsome face… he had made me breakfast in bed. He called it his famous “Huevos Rancheros Bagel Sandwich”,  and it was delicious! What an amazing husband.


Our new 88lb Rochna anchor arrived this afternoon. I believe the UPS man was relieved to rid himself of it. We are excited to unwrap it and hook it up.


Emma and I ran to Target and picked up a couple throw pillows to brighten up the main salon. We think it turned our quite nice. There are no interior designers on this boat but we think it feels like home.


The creatures went long boarding to a skate park, and I think from now on Emma will rethink being bare foot on the asphalt in this heat. She ended up with a nice blister on her foot and offered Aidan a handsome payment if he’d lick them clean. He was really tempted since he has $37 more dollars to save up for a new Pennyboard.


Only 12 more days till the Nell’s join us on our adventure. We are so excited for their arrival! Until then, we’ll continue working on our girl and before we know it she’ll be in ship shape.




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