Day: June 25, 2016

Projects and Mangoes

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Our Saturday was spent getting things done…much like all the other days of the week except Sundays.

On Thursday night our good friend, Martin, came to visit. Both him and his sweet wife, Kym, are exceptional people. Martin just recently completed climbing all 7 summits and sailing all 7 seas. Martin Frey – look him up and feel inspired. Martin is here in Fort Lauderdale to pick up his boat and take the young men in his was ward on a sailing high adventure trip. It was wonderful catching up with him once again.

Martin offered us his car for the day since he left on his adventure, so we ran a few errands and picked up some needed items for projects we have going on the boat. As usual, Danny and Mycah teased each other relentlessly.



I found a spanner that I really really want. Check it out down below next to Mycah…


They are huge (about 20″ long) and so gorgeous. Jude has a baseball bat for protection, and I figure that keeping this spanner in my backpack would be a marvelous idea.

While we’ve been here in Florida we’ve noticed the many mango trees with many many fruit on them, and have witnessed their slow ripening. Today we found a small mango tree in an abandoned lot and sent our mighty tree climber up to harvest some. Jude is a ninja at climbing anything!




Danny helped on some lower but too high for me branches.


The mangoes are big and beautiful and we ended up with a big bowl full. They’ll be completely ripe in a few days for us to enjoy.



We grabbed a bite to eat at a Cuban Cafe. Their sandwiches were TO DIE FOR!



I have begun a project I’m quite excited about. I purchased a world map which I am going to decoupage onto our main salon table. I think it’ll look fabulous once its completed.


Danny has been fixing lights and Emma had an extremely intimate experience with her head this week, and finally finished the clean up job today. For those who have been following the blog for a while, you know that head projects are major character building experiences. (For those new to the blog, the head on a boat is the bathroom.) We encourage those that travel with us to take care of their own heads, and that includes maintenance and repairs. One important fact to know about our heads is that they have maceraters in them. The only things allowed down the loo is what ever comes out of your body. Well, when we were in Idaho – the day before we flew, Emma ate a considerable amount of fresh cherries and swallowed many of the seeds. When she used the loo here on the boat those seeds had ended their entire adventure in her body and made their way back into the big wide world. When they spiraled down the whirlpool in her head, they were snatched up by the unwelcoming macerater, and to their (and Emma’s) dismay, were stubbornly lodged. I’ve warned everyone about this in the past but Emma had forgotten and now had to face the dreaded throne. She proved to be fit for the task as she breathlessly embraced the project with many comical comments and finally freed the pesky culprits and once again has a free spinning macerater. It’s a beautiful thing!

We are making progress daily, the mangoes are ripening and the heads are running well. Life is good…in fact, it’s fantastic.