Cocky Caulking

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The creatures and I decided to walk over to Winn Dixie, the grocery store, before it got too hot this morning. Emma walked with me while the rest of the creatures boarded. We have some pretty skilled boarders in our midst!


When we returned I got busy with things and found this note:


They put a smile on my face even when they’re not around. Some friends invited them onto a mega yacht and gave them the grand tour. They liked it but all said it had a very important part missing…the sails.

We decided it was time to start on one of our BIG projects. We needed to remove all the rubber molding that borders the hard top bimini, the helm station and the stern – including the sugar scoops. This adventure involved unscrewing all the screws from the molding, using razor blades to cut away the old caulking/adhesive stuff and trying to pull the sections of molding off.



After the boat sat in the wetness of Panama for a while, mold stained it, and no matter how hard I’ve scrubbed, I’ve not been able to get it off.



Once the molding was off we had to cut away at the built up dirt, and scrape down to the wood and fiberglass. We made a HUGE mess.




My fingers have so many cuts on them but the job is done.


Everyone worked hard and we feel quite successful.


The next step is going to be placing new molding on and letting it sit in the sun for a day to shrink up to size, then pull it off and squirt 5200 on and stick it back into place. We will need about 10 cans of the goop for the job. When I told Jude that, she said, “doesn’t that mean 52000?” She’s so quick witted.

Danny has landed safely. It feels like he’s been gone a long long time. As I constantly receive news flashes on my phone concerning bombings and crashes and violence, I worry so much about him when he’s gone.

I am so tired from the day, I’m going to sleep so soundly tonight, and I know the creatures will too. It’s time for a hot shower now – who knows, maybe I’ll be able to get some of this fiberglass out of my arms. If not, I’ll sleep like a baby anyway!


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