Bugs or heat?!

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When we have outdoor projects to work on, we have to decide whether we want to be bombarded with barely visible, vicious, vampire bugs, or the humid heat. We choose the heat. The bugs are always present, but in the mornings and evenings they bring all their friends and family with them for the feast. In the intense heat of the day, they lounge around with full bellies for a siesta…that’s when we jump into action.

This morning Mycah came with me and we collected the new molding for the stern. The hard top bimini and helm station molding will be here tomorrow. We caught an Uber  to West Marine and bought a bunch of 5200 to stick it all together with, as well as screws and finishing washers, so we are prepared for that project now.


The creatures and I have been ripping old caulking out again today, taping it all off after cleaning and then recaulking. It feels so good to get all this work done on our girl.



Things are looking pretty spiffy!


I have almost completed my map project. I bought this big world map, and cut the bright while border off of it…


then scraped every bit of everything that had previously been applied to the table.


Danny tried to tease Mycah and put some on her saying it was skin from his back.


I then took a big fat paint brush and applied a layer of polyurethane and lay the map down on it, then after it dried slightly, spread another layer of polyurethane over the entire map and table.


Now we’ll let it dry and then apply one more coat of polyurethane.

Our new generator finally arrived this afternoon, and will be installed tomorrow, and the creatures and I will work on the molding tomorrow too. We will also continue organizing and preparing for when the Nell’s. Only 7 more days!



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