Welcoming our new Gennie

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This morning when Mycah and I stepped off the boat to exercise, we were greeted by a beautiful morning sky,


as well as the cutest little raccoon! He wasn’t so sure of us, and watched us cautiously from between the flowers, but we thought he was adorable.


When we returned we woke all the rest of the creatures and worked ourselves non stop till exhaustion, later in the afternoon. We began by lifting the starboard floorboard in the galley to clean out the storage areas and reorganize. After that we cleaned out and dejunked all the galley drawers, the linens, the game cupboard, and the scuba and snorkel gear. We also put the new molding onto the stern, which was quite the job, and washed bedding.

Here’s what it looked like after we’d removed the old stuff and prepped the area:



After wrestling the molding (which Jude and Mycah did beautifully), we taped it down.



It took all tribe members…



our family definitely gets the award for group effort and awesome team work. I love that we can be so tired and frustrated and cracking up at the same time.

The molding sat in place today and has been shrinking into place in the heat. Tomorrow we will pull it all up and apply 5200 adhesive into it and lay it back down once again. We are saving so much money in labor costs by doing it ourselves, and most importantly, we are learning a lot.

The exciting part of the afternoon (aside from showering) was the arrival of the new generator.




The guys were ninjas at getting it into the lazarette. Once it was in place, I said, ‘Oh crap!’ The workers looked at me with worried faces, and I said, ‘You have it in backwards!’ All three of them looked down at it in horror only to look up at me and laugh with relief. Poor guys.

This evening I thought I’d treat our hard working creatures and take them to a movie, which is something we haven’t done in a long, long time. We went to the new Tarzan movie and loved it. The girls are all gaga over Tarzan. I could tell that they weren’t used to the movie theater when we walked in about 30 seconds after the show had started and Emma innocently said, ‘shoot, can we ask them to rewind it?’

When it was over and we walked out in to the lobby, Mycah was still emotional from the show and said she wants to marry Tarzan. I said Mycah, you have quite the dilemma…you can’t be a mermaid and live in the jungle. She got the most panicked look on her face and teared up and reprimanded me for saying such a cruel thing. I’m not sure she’ll ever forgive me for telling her she has to chose between her mermaid tail and Tarzan. In the end she chose Tarzan. Wow! What a traitor.

My sweet Darling is still in the air, flying his client. I am so grateful that we can communicate even when he’s miles above. I miss him and can’t wait for his return. It’s time for sleep now. I have no doubt we will all rest well and be ready for another day of hard work tomorrow.







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