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Farewell to the generator

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The past couple of days have been packed with cleaning, dejunking and people working on Tanda Malaika. It’s really interesting because when we moved onto the boat, I told the creatures to only bring what they absolutely needed to, because space is limited. They got rid of everything they sort of liked and everything they hadn’t touched in a while. This was after already getting rid of a bunch of stuff 10 months prior when leaving Hawaii. They knew they could only bring what could fit in their berths.

After living on the boat for a year now, we once again feel cluttered, even though we haven’t accumulated much, and we have learned just how little one needs to be happy. In fact it seems the less we have the happier we are!

Yesterday the electrician named Rafael, came to look at the wiring on Tanda Malaika and troubleshoot with Danny. Today the mechanic, James, came and with a little help from 3 guys and the spare halyard, removed the old generator. He had placed blue liner down to avoid staining the deck, and took great care in not dinging things up.



After attaching the spare halyard to the generator,


one of the guys turned the winch to raise the halyard line.


This raised the generator up, and Danny and the boys slowly swung it over the side of the boat and onto the dock.



Now we have a nice big empty lazarette ready to clean and prep for the new one.


The AC/refrigeration guys also came today and added a little freon, tweeked a few doodads and Bob’s your Uncle, everything is running beautifully.

I updated our sailing log book this morning, and so far we have sailed 4304 nautical miles, which is 4953 land miles. We have learned so much and are so anxious to set sail once more and continue learning and experiencing the world, hands on.


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We arrived at the Boise airport at 4am yesterday and sleepily made our way through lines, security and more lines.


Aidan enjoyed not having to walk much.


After a couple of flights we landed in Fort Lauderdale and greeted Danny with big hugs and kisses. It felt good to walk down the dock to our floating home, and get settled in.


After partly unpacking, I lay down to sleep and slept till 6pm, then woke for a couple hours and slept till 8am this morning. My bed has never felt so good! Even after all that rest, I felt like I could continue sleeping for several more hours.

For Fathers Day the Creatures made Danny breakfast in bed, and presented him with beautiful notes they’d written him, and them some gifts we’d picked out in Idaho. We are so grateful to him and for the wonderful dad he is.

We had something else exciting to do today…we loaded into the spiffy rental car (they gave Danny a Mercedes since they messed up on his rental), and drove 90 minutes north to Jensen Beach to meet up with our son and daughter, Ashley and Jordan, and their sweet Mom Stephanie. It was SO good to see them! We ate lunch together then relaxed in a park for a while.


Danny got out his drone and showed Jordan how it flies.


Jude fell in love with a bug,


we were stalked by curious birds,


and Aidan grew a mosstach.


Of course there always has to be some tree climbing involved, which 4 of the creatures took part in.

DSC_0199  DSC_0198

We sat and chatted for a couple of hours, and after devouring some ice cream together had to say ‘see you later’ and head our separate ways once more. It was so wonderful being together!



We have more exciting news to share (drum roll………). Our friends, the Nell family, who joined us in January for 10 days in Mexico, are going to be spending part of the Summer with us. We are going to teach them all about sailing and what it’s like to live aboard. Chad, Marci, Sierra and Glade will be joining us on July 6th. We are very excited to share more of this adventure with them. Our home has beds for 10 people, so every bed will be filled (but that doesn’t mean we don’t have room for more in the sail bag, on the trampoline and in the hammock!). We will begin to slowly prepare for their arrival tomorrow. Only 17 more days!!!

There’s a good chance that Danny will be leaving on another trip later this week, so we will make sure we take advantage of our time together and as always, enjoy each others company.

Time to head home

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Yesterday was another very busy day filled with appointments and errands. I had a little pre-cancerous gremlin frozen off my nose and am now sporting an attractive blister in its place. Today we completed our final errands, I had my crown installed at the dentist and we met with Hunter for a few to hug and kiss him ‘see you later’. It was hard saying goodbye, but we are so happy for him and his life adventures. He is an amazing big brother and son and gives awesome hugs!




Our wonderful friend, Mike, came and picked up the Harley Davidson this afternoon. He is a good friend of my brothers as well and has the same hair style (or lack of hair style) and wears his sun glasses the same way, and when he arrived at my Mom’s place he reminded me so much of Jan that I hugged him and teared up for a minute. For just a moment it was like having Jan back. We are thrilled that he is buying the bike from us – the bike that Jan rode too.

We piled our bags into my Mom’s boot, and set out for Boise. Air tickets to Fort Lauderdale were each $100 cheaper flying out of Boise rather than Salt Lake City.


The trip to Boise was pleasant with beautiful scenery, and there’s never a dull moment when the creatures are present.



We stopped at a rest area and they got their energy out with an overflowing of goofiness.





We live in such an incredibly beautiful world!



Our shuttle will pick us up at 4am to take us to the airport, which is in about 4 hours. So until then we will try get some sleep, even though we are so excited to see Danny!!!

New blue belly

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Today was once again action packed with appointments, phone calls and errands. It began with my Cardiology appointment. It looks like my pacemaker is doing a good job and pacing about 18% of the time for me. My first question for my doc is always, “can we take it out yet?” His response is always “absolutely not!” I figure it’s worth the try. My battery has about 7.5 years left on it, and that’s just a weird thing to think about…I’m battery operated…

Aidan, Emma and my nephew, Gabriel ran an errand to Target with me. They are so fun to hang out with. When they were little we used to refer to them as ‘The Triplets.’ You think they still fit in the cart ok??


Emma had her eyes checked and learned that she needs glasses – which is something that has come about so quickly. All of a sudden she can’t read signs that are not that far off. She picked out a pair of sunglasses and a clear pair that are so cute on her. She’ll get them tomorrow and pictures will be posted! Her doctor strongly suggested prescription sunglasses because of our lifestyle.

I had a couple of really cute lunch dates who devoured their food like wild animals. They worked up an appetite skateboarding all over town.


This afternoon I took Emma in for her Asthma appointment. The doctor was very concerned and immediately gave her a breathing treatment since her oxygen level was low.


She has planned out an aggressive treatment planned for her including a course of oral steroids, a variety of inhalers and also wants us to take a nebulizer back to the boat with us for daily treatments. Her asthma is definitely better at sea level with the added humidity. She has struggled so much while we have been in California and here in Idaho.

I hung out with Hunter for a little while this afternoon. I am so proud of him. What an amazing individual he is. My 6’3 baby boy…


Kjira is loving life in Alaska. I look at her photos as she explores the beauty that surrounds her, and am so grateful that she is having this opportunity. She is working hard at a resort and loving it. I stole this picture off her Facebook wall.


This evening I opened up a bottle of bubbles for my great nieces and nephews. They were so adorable. Who can resist playing in bubbles!

IMG_6111     IMG_6110

IMG_6109     IMG_6106

Our girl in Florida was pampered on the hard and now has repaired keels,


and today she got a beautiful fresh blue belly.

FullSizeRender-1130    IMG_6104-1

Danny received a quote for two new engines for an insane amount of money, so we’ve decided to get a few things repaired on them and we’ll save up and replace them at another time. Her refrigerators have been serviced and they are running more efficiently too. I can’t wait to see her and Danny in just 3 more days.



Back in Idaho

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We loved spending time with Aundrea in Utah. We adore her and hated saying goodbye. Our next project was to sort through Danny’s 3 storage units, and when we opened the doors to them…nothing had been stolen!!! After reorganizing, dejunking and transferring boxes, we consolidated everything down to two units, after which we continued our drive up to Firth where my Mom lives. By the time we got there I felt like I was going cross eyed with fatigue, and went right in, cuddle up on my parents bed and went to sleep.

This morning I had a dental appointment where we planned out replacing my broken crown. I then took Jude to a dermatologist, where they removed a potentially worrisome mole on her lower back. She’s now sporting a couple of stitches which we will remove in about 10-12 days.

The fun part of our day was helping Hunter out at his apartment. He and Nonna have the cutest kitten who loves to give her and Hunter kisses, and after that we met the family for a picnic in the woods.


We loved cuddling babies.

DSC_0164-1  DSC_0166-3


Mycah and Josie sat and conversed for quite some time.



We roasted s’mores after a delicious meal.


Jude is officially the best marshmallow roaster!



Aidan took the little boys on an adventure through the woods.


What an amazing time together as a family.



I am so grateful for them all.



Danny checked on Tanda Malaika today. Her keels have been repaired and she will have her bottom painted tomorrow and hopefully be in the water on Thursday. It looks like aside from the new generator, she will need new engines. Once the prices of parts and labor are added to repair the engines, it makes sense to just purchase new ones. Since she was a charter boat before we bought her, her generator and engines were not taken care of, and over used. It will be a big chunk of change, but important to have well a working boat before heading down through the canal and away from the US for a while.

I miss Danny. It feels like we’ve been apart for so long. It has been wonderful being with family, but I long to be with my Sweetheart. Only 4 more days till I can see him. Tomorrow morning I have a cardiology appointment and then we’ll get Emma’s eyes checked and take her to the Asthma doctor as well. We figured we may as well get all the medical appointments taken care of while we are here.

Life is good, and I am grateful for it.




Continuing on

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We left California bright and early yesterday morning and drove to St George. Driving with the Creatures is always so fun because their conversations are hilarious and the way they care for each other is so loving and sweet. Emma began a conversation with, “I’m really pretty afraid of toilets on land…”. It sparked comments from Jude and Mycah where they all discussed how land toilets are so confusing and intimidating. They said they wonder just how long they have to hold down the handle, and where does everything go? What if it overflows? What hose would they remove and clean out? Why does it waste so much water? They were so funny.


Spending time with our wonderful friends, the Nell’s, was great as usual. All the creatures played in the pool and after a heavy down pour we stomped around in the puddles. My Mom’s dog, Teddy, loved it too.

FullSizeRender-1125   FullSizeRender-1127

This morning Marci had 5 waffle irons going and made us the most delicious waffles. We hope to see them soon again.

IMG_6028   IMG_6029

We drove on to the Salt Lake Valley where we visited with Mom and Dad and many of our other relatives including my beautiful sister, Denise, and her sweet husband Shad. We held babies, listened to the kids talent, and most amazing of all, Dad’s talent on the ukulele.

IMG_6036-1    IMG_6039    IMG_6040-1    IMG_6037-1


We have the most amazing family in the world.

When we left there we met Hunter and his beautiful girlfriend, Nona, down town SLC. It was our first time meeting her and we instantly fell in love with her. She got a full dose of the creatures and didn’t run for her life!


Tonight we are at a motel in Ogden and have kidnapped our sweet Aundrea for the night. We miss her so much when we are apart. In the morning we will check on Danny’s storage units here in Ogden, then head back to Idaho for a busy week.

Danny’s trip is coming to an end. He will be back at Tanda Malaika on Tuesday.

I am going to get some much needed sleep now in preparation for more organizing and driving tomorrow. It’s been a productive few days.

California Adventure

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After flying all day to Salt Lake City from Fort Lauderdale, we finally arrived at my Mom’s home at 11:30pm and got to bed. At 2am I was awoken by crazy winds and immediately jumped up and ran to make sure the sails were tied down and that everything on deck was secured. I found myself standing in my Mother’s living room, quite disoriented as I realized that I was not on Tanda Malaika. The wind blew for a long time as I lay and listened to it, and my mind wandered till about 5am when I finally drifted off to sleep, only to be awoke by the 6am alarm. We looked outside and noticed that the wind had carried the neighbors ceramic bird bath over tall trees and onto a concrete pad outside our back door, without a scratch!


My Mom and I climbed into the Excursion and began our drive to California. About 3 hours into our trip I felt like we should stop for a few minutes, and just as I pulled off the freeway and into a parking lot, the truck lost power when I pushed on the gas pedal, and it left a trail of liquid on the asphalt from under the truck. After stopping we looked underneath to find a large puddle and a dripping hose. The transmission hose had come off. I called trusty AAA, got towed to a transmission place and the hose was promptly replaced.

IMG_5988   IMG_5989

The mechanic had to add two gallons of POG juice (pineapple orange guava juice) to the transmission to refill it.


We passed so many gorgeous scenes of mountains, deserts, green hills and fields. As we drove through Death Valley at 7pm the thermometer read 104 degrees. Finally at about 10:45pm we arrived in Oxnard, drove to our sweet friends, the Waleas, and went to sleep.

This morning we left at 8am to round creatures up and get our bodies over to the storage unit to empty our mountain of goods, sell it, reorganize and keep moving on. I had to ask the storage unit manager to open our unit for me, and as he did I told my Mom to brace herself because the unit is so full, stuff might fall out as the door was raised. To our amazement, about 95% of the unit contents was gone. Someone had come and stolen almost everything. The sad part is that all the creatures scrapbooks that I’d made for them as well as the girls blessing dresses that my Mom made are gone. All Danny’s amps, fancy keyboard and other music equipment are gone too. On the positive side, there’s less to get rid of, but theft is such a frustrating and selfish act. I called the police to file a report, and TJ and Tank showed up to take it.


TJ is young, single and excited about life. Tank is a joker who loves boats, bikes and traveling with his wife and kids. We fed them donuts and eventually gave them a report. They said storage unit theft is a very common occurrence.

Later in the afternoon we ran a couple of errands, passed by strawberry fields and stopped for a flat, and munched on the red juicy sweetness till we were full.


This evening we have spent time with our dear friends, and early in the morning we will drive back to Idaho.

Stuff is just…stuff. It can all be replaced. But family, is an entirely different matter. I happen to have the best family in the world. Life is busy, and I am grateful for the energy to embrace it as well as the relationships I enjoy in it.