Day: July 4, 2016

Happy 4th!

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When we lived in Hawaii, we got to know a beautiful family that was living there for the summer. They live in Texas now, and have been here in Florida on a business trip. We received a phone call from them yesterday, saying they were close by and wanted to stop by for a quick visit. It was so wonderful to visit with the Broadhurst Family. What beautiful people. I tried taking a photo of their daughter, Kennedy, with the creatures, but the sun was so bright!


This morning we met down at the marina office for a 4th of July BBQ, and this evening many fireworks were exploding in the air around the marina. They still are, and I imagine they will be for quite some time.

During the day today we decided to get a couple of smaller projects accomplished, so we cleaned out and organized the lazarette where the water tanks are, as well as the starboard crew berth. I caulked in Jude and Emma’s head as well as on the stern and at the helm station. Tomorrow we should have the molding for the hard top and helm station so we can complete that big project.

I mentioned in my last blog that I lay my arm down on the wet polyurethane I’d applied to the map table project…well it has taken us two days to scrape every bit of map and polyurethane off the table! What a crazy mess.



We finally got every last bit of it off today and will begin redoing that project tomorrow. This afternoon I took a picture of my foot next to some of the polyurethane shavings and sent it to my mom and told her I’d take a razor to the callouses under my feet.


I then told her that I had gone really deep by mistake and I was bleeding, and she gave me a good spanking over the phone! After that she texted Danny and told him he needed to talk some sense into me! My poor Mama!

This evening the creatures and I grilled some meat on the braai and made a big fruit salad to enjoy together. We are so grateful for our freedom, our health, the amazing people in our lives, and the gorgeous world we get to call home.