Morning walks and projects

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In the mornings, Jude, Mycah and I wake at 6am and walk 3 or 4 miles. It’s a beautiful start to the day and I never tire of our chats. These daughters of mine are no longer little girls, but beautiful, smart women, who have amazing insight and depth. I’m so grateful to be able to spend so much time with them. Walking on the beach takes us one step closer to where we really want to be…back on the ocean.



There are many trees around here that have the most gorgeous purple flowers on them, and I also found one with a fruit that looks like it may be a young sour sop. I bit into one and it was so bitter, but maybe…



We have continued to work on all our projects along side the workers here at Just Catamarans, as they work on theirs.

Danny got to see what a pain it is to put molding up.


The riggers came today and replaced the lazy jacks and the generator is fully installed and purring like a kitten.


Mycah made herself one of Jude’s famous sandwiches. Jude has this thing with weird sandwich combinations, and the crazy thing is they actually taste jolly good. This one consists of jam, cream cheese, Swiss cheese, lunch meat, banana and hot Cheetos. Try it some time, you may like it!


We received something exciting in the mail today – our pull behind the boat ice cream maker. You throw the ingredients inside, tie a line to it and drag it behind the boat for 15-2o minutes and Bob’s your uncle! You have ice cream! We are excited to try it out.


We received all sorts of gifts from neighbors this afternoon. One of them brought over a filleted Mackerel he’d speared, which we thoroughly enjoyed for dinner.


Our other neighbors transported a boat here for someone and needed to get rid of pots, pans, food, pillows, towels, harnesses and a throw ring. Some of it we will get to Salvation Army, but most it will be really handy.


Another day has come to an end, and tomorrow we get to relax and enjoy the Sabbath. Church is at 11am so we can even sleep in! Life is good, and I love having my Sweetheart home to enjoy it with.






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