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Yesterday we discovered that the windlass has given up the ghost. Danny has ordered a new one which we won’t have for a couple of weeks, so our crew will be working their muscles for a bit as they raise and lower the 88 lb anchor.


Danny took Aidan go cart racing as a last hurrah before leaving US soil, and was surprised at how speedy Mr Aidan is.


We also were surprised by some sweet friends who stopped to visit. We are surrounded by such beautiful people.


Speaking of beautiful people….


It’s been quite the day for the Tanda Malaika crew! It began with me driving to the airport and picking up our 4 new crew members, Chad, Marci, Sierra and Glade. We are so excited to have them on board. They have been quite the troopers – after catching the red eye and arriving after a sleepless night, we provisioned at Costco and Walmart, and Danny and Chad took the old generator to a guy who bought it for a measly $300. We simply didn’t care anymore and just wanted it out of our hair.


Of course after provisioning the interesting part is figuring out where to stow everything, and while I was running the rental car back, Marci, Jude and Mycah did an amazing job of stowing things in every storage area on the boat that they could find. Here they are storing cans in the galley and main salon floor.


We are planning on setting sail for Bahamas in the morning and are beside ourselves with excitement. We have been stuck in this marina for far too long and are so anxious to be out on the Atlantic.

Danny left on a work trip this evening. We are going to miss him so much as usual and can’t wait till he hurries home to us. He’ll be gone for two weeks this time which is a miserably long time. We will pick him up at the end of his trip in Nassau.

We have a friend (Dan Zwerg) who has the blog, Read it and see for yourself what a great guy he is, and the amazing humanitarian work he does for the Bahamian children in Bimini. One of the things is that he takes student from where he teaches in Mississippi, and they sail to Bimini and teach the children there how to play musical instruments. If ever you have instruments or books you’d like to donate, they would love it. We will be meeting him there and helping out in the humanitarian work.

My goal is to start the engines at 0600, so I am going to get some rest now, and will no doubt dream of open ocean and turquoise, clear water.




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