Return to the SS Sapona

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Everyone enjoyed a restful nights sleep and in the morning while all were still in dreamland, I went for an hour swim. A huge ornery looking Barracuda followed me the whole time and several graceful stingrays glided by beneath me. A bright blue school of blue tang swam in perfect time along the reef where old worn down conch shells lay – rolling back and forth in the sand. When I returned the Creatures were getting ready for an adventure to the lighthouse after a swim over the reef. As Marci and Chad and I sat at the stern watching them, we often heard excited phrases like, “come look here guys, there are two sharks,’ or “wow, look at this stingray.” We love it.

The expedition to the lighthouse was a hit, and they allowed me to use their GoPro photos.

When we were all ready, we pulled up anchor and set sail for the SS Sapona. A concrete hulled ship, wrecked during a hurricane just outside of Bimini. We caught a swift wind and sailed at a speed of over 10 knots.

Everyone loved exploring her worn down body and the Creatures made their way to the top and jumped 50ft down to the water below. It’s a magical place. The Creatures told me that they saw some iguanas on the wreck and I didn’t believe them until they came back with documented evidence.

During the course of the morning Chad finished installing the scuba rack. He was on a moving platform, working with a moving target, and impressed us all with his skills.

We only had one casualty, and our trusty nurse, Marci, had her fixed up in no time at all.

Marci laughed at me at one point during the day because Emma came to the boat after being in the water and told me to look at her hands. They were stained purple, so i asked, “Emma did you play with a squid and get inked again?” Marci thought it was really funny that that is a question I would even have to ask my kids. It’s part of everyday life for us on Tanda Malaika! You just never know….

Aidan has an interesting hair situation going on. He brushed hi hair out and ended up with a hilarious fro, so he put funky glasses on and a groovy sign. There’s never a dull moment!

We loved our day of exploring and are so excited for church tomorrow and then whatever else Sunday brings.


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